Epilating-the painful truth about waxing

Epilating-the painful truth about waxing!!!


It takes anywhere from eight to 13 weeks for the hair to grow from the papilla to the surface of the skin.


Depilatories have long been a method of removing hair.  There are physical types like wax and chemical types of depilatories.

Waxing is the most common service used in our industry.  There is hot wax that you apply in a very thin amount to the skin surface, or for clients who cannot tolerate heated wax the cold wax method can be used.  There are also machines that can epilate the hair, you rotate the Epilator over the skin and small wires grab the hair and pull it out.


Procedure-heated wax

1.      Wash the skin with a mild soap & water and rinse thoroughly & dry.

2.      Spread talcum powder over this skin surface.

3.      Spread warmth wax evenly over the skin surface with a spatula, following the same direction as the hair growth.  The thinner you can apply the wax, the better.  And having a spatula at a 45° angle to this skin, helps in that process.

4.      Apply your cloth or fabric to this skin surface, and rub in the opposite direction a hair grows.  Do this until the wax cools.

5.      Pull the skin taut, and quickly pull off the wax strip against the direction of the hair growth.  Apply pressure to the skin, this helps with pushing the blood vessels back, so this skin will not bleed.

6.      Apply an antiseptic lotion to the area treated.  Wipe any excess wax.

7.      Apply a moisturizing cream to the area treated.


Procedure-cold wax

1.      Using a spatula evenly spread a thin coat of wax in the direction of the hair growth.

2.      Apply a cotton cloth, firmly and press down so the wax and hearers to the cotton.

3.      With the skin and held taut, take a firm hold of the wax strip, and with one Fast movement pull off the strip against the hair growth.

4.      Apply an antiseptic lotion to the area treated.

5.      Apply a moisturizing cream to the area treated.

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