See hair damage done by stylists!

  • Trichoscope
    This is what I used at Redken in their Labs to check out how different types of damage to hair would affect the hair,  you can
    observe the microscopic photos of various hair shafts and individual hair follicles through the use of a TrichoScope Digital Microscopy System.
    In our industry we can help or hurt hair, make sure you always help the hair, treat it like a silk blouse, don’t wring it, rough it up, pull on it, brush when wet or comb when dry.

    It’s part of your job as a Cosmetologist to recommend products to help keep the hair in shape for chemical services.
    All chemically treated hair should get weekly deep conditioning treatements, whether you or your client does them, you have to put back in what chemicals take out.
  • So treat hair, give it what it needs to look and be healthy, that’s part of your job. Do not abuse hair, there are too many Cosmetologists out there now doing just that, change what you are doing if you are guilty of stressing hair, learn the correct way and you become  better stylists, that’s what this site is all about.
  • Here are some pictures of bad stylists doing bad things to hair:
  • Torn hair, ripped in half due to mechanical damage.
  • Melted Coprtex from too hot iron or blowdryer
  • Split Ends, everyone should get a haircut within 2 months.
  • Hair Blister from Blowdryer- too hot!
  • Razor Damage, exposes cortex, which then will cause the hair to split, you need to do short strokes with a razor!
  • Razor cut correctly

  • Exposed Cortex- all cuticle layers gone from chemical damage

  • Heat Damage an acquired hair-shaft deformity associated with hairdressing procedures (hairdryers, hot tongs, straightening irons etc), which employ great heat. Microscopical examination of the hair-shaft reveals numbers of bubble-like lesions which are actually gas filled cavities created by the rapid vaporization of moisture within the hair-shaft . The degree of bubbling there fore increases with higher levels of moisture content. All hair will react this way to intense heat  The structure of the hair-shaft will be weakened by bubbling and fragility will result in severe damage. There is no way of repairing hair-shafts damaged in this way. The hair would feel mushy when wet.
  • Damage from chemicals have lifted the cuticle layers and peeled it back.
  • Damage from perms shows the hair is now opened up from the damage, exposing the cortex & cuticle to further damage.
  • Wax build up on the hair shaft due to drugstore products, this will cause the hair to get brittle since hair is dead it needs water & protein to stay supple & soft.

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