Coloring According To Face Shape Class by Mags Kavanaugh


Color According To Face Shape is one of the most popular classes I teach. It’s packed with information
you can take back to the salon and use right away.

What you’ll learn this this class:

 The 7 Face Shape
 How you can correct anyone face shape with color.

 How lightness and darkness can alter any face shape and make it the ideal Oval.
 What skin tone means in coloring.
 What eye color tells you about the pigment in a clients before you touch them with color. 
 How the Golden Ratio dictates what length the client SHOULD be in.
 How Sharp or Rounded features on a person tell you what the length of even or odd inches means.

This class teaches over 50+ coloring techniques.

$375- per person.
Host of the class gets the class for free, so Host a salon, invite 10 or more

If you are interested in hosting, the host salon requirements are:

  • No cost for hosting but all attendees, including salon staff, must purchase a ticket. The host salon is not required to fill the class, just accommodate the number of attendees.
  •  Must have enough space available for 10 minimum to 25 attendees (This can be hands on, stylists must bring mannequin, stands for mannequins.)
  • If you have space for more than 20 attendees, please let me know.
  •  Provide a light lunch
  •  Promote the class on social media


Pencil/Pen, Gloves, Sectioning Comb, Clips, Color Smock, Mannequin Stand or tripod if you have one, Blow Dryer (optional), Round Brushes (optional).


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