Architecture Of Hair Design Class by Mags Kavanaugh


Architecture of Hair Design Class

This class teaches you the Core Hair Cuts that make all the other cuts,  learn these and you can then make any cut out there.

What you’ll learn this this class:
 One Length Bob
One Length Beveled Bob
Directional Graduation
Graduated Bob- 3 different ways
Layered- Rounded and Square
Contour Layers


How the Golden Ratio dictates what length they should be in
How Rounded or Sharp features tells you the odd or even rule.
How your tools can help or hurt you.
Inside Bevel, Outside Bevel or Blunt and when to use these.
How the hair grows on the head, and  the warning signs you must follow.
How to stand correctly for each haircut you do.
How to create any haircut out there.

Here’s my class information:

Thanks for your interest of hosting a class.
Here are some of the requirements of the Host Salon:
The space or host salon needs to be able to accommodate up to 25 stylists which is the maximum for a class with a minimum of 10 stylists. Cost Per Stylists is $375.00 with the stylist putting a down payment of a non-refundable $175 payment made to Mags Kavanaugh through to hold & guarantee their spot. As a host you will get a complimentary spot for the class. You will be responsible for transportation for me to & from the airport and a Hotel room if necessary ( I try to fly in the day of the event and out at night of the event so normally it’s not necessary for a room)  Classes are usually on a Sunday or Monday, I fly in either the night before ( so I’d need a hotel room for the night) or I fly in the day of and the class would start at 12 noon to 1pm unless I arrive the night before then I like to start at 10am. Classes are 3 to 4 hours. As the Host Salon it would be nice to have a light lunch or snacks & beverage ( water/soda) for the stylists. Since my classes are Power Point presentations I would need a blank wall or screen to show the content and I bring my projector and everything needed for that.  If we are doing a hands on class the stylists will need to bring a mannequin & stand,  foiling comb, towel, clips, water bottle and anything else if we will have hands on depending on the class chosen.

  I can do combination classes also, I little bit of this or that depending on your salon needs.

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