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Understanding Tool Technology Can Stop Color Fade

<p>The advanced engineering of the Dyson Supersonic&trade; Professional Edition Hair Dryer offers features that help prolong haircolor integrity.</p>
<p>Once you pour your creative energy into a haircolor design, how do you ensure it stays fresh and vibrant? Step one is understanding and managing your thermal tools!&nbsp;</p>
Once you pour your creative energy into a haircolor design, how do you ensure it stays fresh and vibrant? Step one is understanding and managing your thermal tools! 

Photo courtesy of Hair by Todd Tinnel @toddtinnel

Every colorist has seen the effect of frequent blow-drying and thermal styling on hair color. Blondes become blah, redheads get muddy, and vibrant hues wash out. Identifying the culprit is pretty straightforward—it’s heat that causes the color to fade and change character. Here’s why.

“It’s scientifically proven that any temperature over 302 degrees leads to degradation of the cuticle,” explains Todd Tinnel, National Education Manager for Dyson. “The cuticle lifts and begins to erode, which can lead to irreversible damage of the cortex layer.”

With that damage, hair loses its shine and elasticity and becomes more porous, all of which invite quick color fading and dull, lifeless-looking strands. But the reality is, few clients are going to want to leave the salon (or live between salon visits) without their shiny, bouncy blowouts. Here are tips for having it all—fade-resistant color AND healthy, shiny, blown-out hair.

Choose Velocity Over Heat

Hair dryers remove moisture in two ways. They use heat to evaporate water molecules, and they use air flow to physically push the molecules out of the hair. Since heat is color’s sworn enemy, it makes sense to dial down the temperature and rely more on velocity to dry the hair.

A dryer like the Dyson Supersonic™ Professional Edition Hair Dryer, for example, features a unique, small motor in the handle that pushes a higher velocity of air through the machine than any other dryer.

Because of that, you can dry the hair at a lower temperature, and it dries much quicker, exposing it to color-fading heat for a shorter period of time. “The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer only goes to 302 degrees,” Tinnel says, “but because of the power of the air flow, you don’t need anything hotter.”

Look for Tools with “Surge Protection”

When it comes to hair health and color integrity, temperature management is key. A tool that isn’t able to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the blowout or styling process can lead to the need to redo sections if the temperature drops and it can cause hair to singe or burn if the temperature spikes.

According to Tinnel, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer features something called Intelligent Heat Control that constantly feeds temperature information back into a microchip in the machine. The second it registers a variation, it corrects the temperature instantly, so it never produces more or less heat than the actual setting.

Use Thermal Protection Products

This is a step that’s easy to skip but using a heat protection formula really will help prolong the life of your hair color. These products provide an actual physical barrier between the heat and the hair—protecting not only from thermal damage, but from UV damage as well. Look for formulas that are lightweight and non-sticky, and work with products that can be used on wet hair before blow drying and on dry hair before iron work.

Meet Your Diffuser

If you think your diffuser attachment is only for your curly clients, think again. A diffuser can also coax trendy, loose waves into straight hair, and using a diffuser on any hair type protects from too-high heat.

“The diffuser attachment on the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer On features a dual layer of metal mesh on the inside,” Tinnel says, “and that metal screen ensures that air and heat are dispersed completely and evenly throughout the bowl. It dries the hair without creating hot spots, while the powerful motor reduces drying time.”

The takeaway? Choose wisely when it comes to your hot tools. Not only will the newest technology produce the glossiest, healthiest hair, it will protect the considerable investments your clients make in their hair color. And that makes you the all-round hair hero.

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