Selecting Cosmetics for Each Skin Type

skin typesHow many times have you purchased a powder eye shadow only to have it crease and slide by noontime?   Or you purchase an oil-free foundation and compact yet it leaves your dry skin looking caked and lined?   The right makeup for each skin type is crucial not only to create a fresh, natural look but to also protect skin from allergic reactions or breakouts.   Each skin type has unique characteristics and therefore has unique needs that should be considered when purchasing cosmetics.


Dry Skin


·          Choose a crème or mousse foundation, a cream based concealer and a moisturizing pressed compact powder (which has more oils than loose powder).   Avoid matte, oil-free formulas and loose powder, which can settle in fine lines.


·          Use crème and silk-textured powder eye shadows and a matte or shimmer pencil eyeliner.


·          Use a moisturizing, pressed blush and crème or moisturizing lipstick.  


·          Choose a lip-gloss with moisturizing ingredients such as Vitamin E and aloe.



Sensitive Skin

·          Look for labels that are specific to sensitive skin and contain key phrases such as “non-allergenic” and “fragrance-free”.


·          Choose a liquid foundation with silicone.


·          Choose powder or pencil-based eye shadows and blush since they contain fewer preservatives and ingredients.   Pencil eyeliner is less irritating than liquid.


·          Avoid waterproof mascara, again since they contain more ingredients that could irritate sensitive eyes and require more effort to remove.


·          Choose neutral, light colored eye shadows such as tan, cream or beige.   These have less dyes and other irritating ingredients than dark, dense colors such as blue and purple.



Normal/Combination Skin


·          The trick is to balance the oil shiny T-zone while hydrating the dry, often patchy cheeks.   In the past, products such as foundation and powder were only available for either very dry or very oily skin.   Nowadays, there are foundations, concealers and powders specifically created for combination skin, which are available in drugstores and department stores.


·          Can choose from crème and powder eye shadows.


·          Choose either a crème or powder blush (which ever is preferred).


·          Use a crème or moisturizing lipsticks or a lip-gloss containing Vitamin E and aloe.



Oily Skin


·          Before applying foundation, apply an oil-free primer with a damp wedge sponge to create an even canvas.


·          Use a matte, oil-free foundation that’s labeled “non-comedogenic” and “won’t clog pores”.   Choose a regular cream concealer and use a loose powder (since it has fewer oils than pressed).   Avoid illuminating formula foundations and pressed powders.


·          Remove any shine throughout the day with oil-blotting papers.


·          Use matte, powder eye shadows and waterproof mascara.   Avoid crème eye shadows and washable mascara.


·          Choose a powder or air-whipped blush in a pot.


·          Use a crème lipstick with a soft shimmer or a light textured lip-gloss.   Avoid creamy lip pencils.



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