Hollywood’s Secret Tips by Mags Kavanaugh


Perk up dull skin:  Refrigerate a spray bottle filled with mint tea.  When you need a lift spritz the skin.  It’s a great toner and a cools the skin and stimulates blood flow. (Avoid the Eye area)

Go easy on eyes: too much I eye cream is irritating.  Just use to small dots along the bones around the eye sockets.  This way, the moisturizer will not bleed into your eyes and make them water.

Foundation — the beginning: make sure you only to apply moisturizer, where you’re skin needs it, not where it doesn’t, this way, when you put on your foundation, and not it will not crease or cake up.

Wear skin safe makeup: if you must hit the sack without watching your face, the least you can do is where mineral powders, a great one to use is Pro Minerals, they provide great coverage and are so good for your skin, you can sleep in them!

Sexy sultry eyes: smoking sultry eyes should look soft, not overdone; it’s a balance, I love applying them and I love wearing them myself.

Get glossy nude lips: To create a beautifully beige pout, neutralize the natural pale color of your mouth.  Use your finger to tap a light layer of concealer onto the surface of lips, then apply at light gloss on top.

Go Smokey: smooth shadow base onto lids, and top with it a taupe powder.  Brush brown shadow into the crease and rim lash line in black.

Mascara brush: remember to use the mascara wand has a brush. Brush through your lashes.  This will get them pushed up and made to look fuller and longer. 

Concealer: apply concealer on over your foundation; concealer is heavier than foundation and should sit on top of it. Create a “C” shape from the inner eye to the dark circles.

Loose translucent powder: apply this to the apples of your cheeks before you apply eyeshadow, if any eyeshadow falls on your cheek, you can then just brush the powder off easily, and it won’t streak.

Looking younger: as you age, the outside corners of your mouth and eyes darken, lightening them with concealer, it will take years off.

Exotic eyes: sharpen up a black cold pencil, place the tip at the outside of your eye, close your eye and drag the pencil slowly to the inside corner.

Glowing too much: if you find that you or your client’s face sweats too much, apply an anti perspiration to your face, avoid your eyes. (Do not use deodorant).



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