How do I use the Media Manager?


This document is a guide to using the media manager in Joomla! 1.5.


The media manager is a tool which is used for managing images that are used in a website. It makes working with images and inserting them into pages easier than uploading them and inserting them manually.

The main media manager page can be accessed from the Joomla! control panel by clicking on the media manager icon. This page allows you to upload images and manage images which have already been uploaded.

Uploading images:

Often the first thing a new Joomla! user wants to do with the media manager is upload an image. This can be done by clicking the “Browse Files” button and selecting the image youwish to upload, then clicking “Start Upload”. The image should then appear on the main media manager page. Note that files with filenames that contain spaces or special characters cannot be uploaded.

Using folders:


Folders within the media manager can be used to sort images into categories. To create a folder, enter the desired folder name into the “Create Folder” text box and press enter.

You can create a subfolder of a particular folder by navigating to that folder using the links on the left hand side of the page and then creating the folder using the steps in the above paragraph.

To upload an image into a specific folder, navigate to that folder using the links on the left hand side of the media manager page and follow the above steps to upload the image.

Inserting images into pages:


Uploading images to the media manager is probably not much help in creating your website if you cannot insert the images into your pages.

MediaManager_html_m6cf538d5To insert an image into a page, first open the page for editing. Press the Image Manager button (below the editing text area). Select the image that you wish to insert and fill in the image’s details.

“Image Description” is the text that will appear if the page is viewed by someone with a browser that does not support images, or who has images turned off.

“Image Title” is the text that will appear if a user moves their mouse over the image. This is also the text that is used for the image caption if the “Caption” box is checked.

“Align” is the location of the image on your page. The options are “left” and “right”, for the left side and the right side of the page respectively.

To give the image a caption, just check the “Caption” checkbox. This will use the text entered in the “Image Title” field as the image caption, displayed below the image.

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