How do I create an image gallery, using the Media Manager?


This document will guide you, step-by-step, in creating an image gallery with Joomla!.


Requirements: A Joomla! v 1.5 installation and images needed for a gallery. Hint: You can use the images already in the Media Manager to practice.


  1. MediaMGR_ImageGallery_html_m434706d9In the Media Manager section, upload the images that you wish to place in the gallery.








  1. MediaMGR_ImageGallery_html_m52a54a87Create a new page from the administration control panel with the “Add New Content” button. Add the desired text and a page title. Place your mouse at the location where you want to place the Image Gallery.







  1. MediaMGR_ImageGallery_html_m6aecb98aClick the  button beneath the article and select the desired image.

  • The  Title value displays when the cursor hovers over the image.

  • The Image Description displays for web browsers without image support.

  • Use the Caption checkbox to display a caption,

  • When complete, click the Insert button and your image will be placed into your article.



  1. MediaMGR_ImageGallery_html_726b9530Once in your article, you can resize the image by grabbing its corner and carefully changing the size proportionally. Repeat previous steps until all images have been added. Arrange the images and text until the desired layout is achieved, and add formatting if necessary. Save the page.

  2. (Optional) You can create links on your images. To do this, select the image and click the Link icon (which resembles a link of a chain). Fill in the requested details.


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