How do I add or modify a manufacturer?

Manufacturers are associated with products, providing web site, contact, and descriptive information. Each product that is created is associated with a Manufacturer.


For stores where manufacturer information is not necessarily relevant, a default manufacturer is created upon installation.


It is not necessary to create manufacturers prior to creating your catalog. Products can be re-associated to manufacturers after all the product records have been created. However, creating the manufacturers first can save a lot of extra work if you already know that you will be using this information.


4.5.1. Manufacturer Categories

Manufacturer Categories are used to group Manufacturers into different categories.


Adding Manufacturer Categories

VirtueMart creates the manufacturer category name “-default-” upon installation. It is not necessary to change this.

To create a new manufacturer category, select “Manufacturer | Add Manufacturer Category”.


Manufacturer Category Form Fields:

Category Name

The name of the Manufacturer category.

Category Description

A description of the Manufacturer category (optional).

Click on the “Save” icon. You will be redirected to the “Manufacturer Category List” page, showing the “-default-” category, and the new category you just entered.


Editing Manufacturer Categories

>To edit an existing manufacturer category, select “Manufacturer | List Manufacturer Categories” in the VirtueMart admin menu. This will return a list of existing manufacturer categories.

>Click on the name of the manufacturer category you want to edit, make any necessary changes to the fields (listed above), and click on the “Save” icon.

>You will be returned to the Manufacturer Category List.


Deleting Manufacturer Categories

Before deleting an existing manufacturer category, all manufacturers associated to that category must be removed through either deletion or re-association to a different manufacturer category. VirtueMart will not allow the deletion of a manufacturer category while manufacturers still exist for that manufacturer category. See below under “Manufacturers” for information on re-association and deletion of a manufacturer.

Once the manufacturers have been removed, select “Manufacturers | List Manufacturer Categories” from the VirtueMart admin menu. Click on the name of the manufacturer category you want to delete. In the Manufacturer Category Form, click on the “Remove” icon. Click “OK” to confirm that you are sure you want to delete this category. You will be returned to the Manufacturer Category List.


Note that the manufacturer category you deleted is no longer listed. To recover this record, you must create a new manufacturer category, and re-associate any manufacturers that belong in that manufacturer category.

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