Salon Management

kitty-manager.jpgSalon management should be run like any other business. Many salon owners say, “This business is different.” It is not. Business is business. Here are ten tips to help you with your employees.

  1. Set standards. Have a 3 strike rule with employees or renters. In the long run you will benefit for being known as a good business person. You run the salon, don’t let the salon run you.
  2. Put the standards in writing. Have a Salon Management Book and have each employee or renter sign it. There are no misunderstandings this way.
  3. Have weekly meetings. Let employess / renters vent. Also, paing a picture of what is new and what to expect.
  4. Give praise. Conduct monthly reviews. If someone has gone the “extra mile” reward them. It may be in money or better yet, in recognition.
  5. Train your staff. The extra dollars it may cost you to take them to a show or an event will solidify your group. In the long run you will win. Also, have in house training at least once a month. Make it mandatory. Most manufactures provide free classes. A stylist that does not attent is one you do not need (there are exceptions of course).
  6. Create a design team. Stylists are a dime a dozen. A true design team is worth a million. Make this part of your plan. Advertise it. Promote it.
  7. Learn from the experts. Watch your competition. If they are successful, do what they do.
  8. Be different. When was the last time you took your staff to breakfast? When was the last time you had an anniversary party and treated your staff to steaks or a good meal? When did you last advertise? Are you offering stylists their own web pages? When was the last time you offered a day (one day) when all stylists got 100% commission on products?
  9. Compliment each others work. Praise each other – a kind word goes a long way to help builting a Salon TEAM.
  10. Each one, Teach one. Have stylists teach a technique to others at every staff meeting, so each one of your staff shows the others their speciality. This makes everyone special and can show the older stylists that the newer ones have something to give too.

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