Nows the Time to Clean Up- Steven Sleeper

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Now is the Time to Clean Up by Steven Sleeper

In the world of retail, “spring cleaning” is a relative term. With the holiday shopping season in full swing, now is the time to roll up your sleeves, grab your duster, put your thinking hats on and get to work on those dusty product displays and cases.

All those customers filing in to brighten up their holiday look in preparation for family visits and office parties have something else on their minds: Gifts.

Why not give them something to do while they’re waiting for service with an eye-catching display of your latest and greatest products to not only keep their locks looking good, but also offer a beauty bump to friends and loved ones.

A great place to start is in your central reception or waiting area. This is your first chance to begin the selling process without saying a word. Arrange the area to accommodate your product displays and make sure promotional items and hot sellers are easy to see and accessible for the customer to interact with.

This initial interaction with the products before service even begins will make the customer more comfortable during the recommendation process after services are complete. Remember to ask questions while they’re in the chair to help make gift recommendations.

Here are a few tips visual merchandisers use to create those gripping displays that demand the attention of even the most frugal shoppers:

Keep it balanced: A simple trick to add texture and create interest and visual appeal is to use asymmetrical rather than symmetrical balance with your display.

Keep it tidy: A clean, well-displayed, compelling retail area reinforces the need for product even before the interactive selling process begins.

Pay attention to the size of products and tools: Create depth and make it easy to find what they’re looking for by placing larger items into the display first and keeping the smaller items in the front.

Add a little color: Attract attention, set a mood and add to the atmosphere of your salon with a pleasing color palette that accents your display and makes it pop. For the holiday, think about incorporating seasonal accents and colors.

Create focal points with lighting: Put those holiday promotional items front and center and use lights to draw attention and set them apart.

Think classy: Beauty products deserve to be displayed on classy displays, stands and shelves.

Keep it simple: Don’t use your display case as product storage, only stock enough of each product to make it appear that quantities are limited and going fast. Remember: Less is more; you can always restock.

In the beauty business, it’s easy to forget that part of good service is recommending the products that help make the magic of their cut and color happen. Having a killer display of well-lit, freshly dusted products will make the recommending process a breeze and help you ensure that every happy holiday shopper leaves with the products they need and maybe a little something for a friend, too.

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