Tapping into your own Power!!!

Tapping into your personal power- 
There is in all of us and extra special energy that makes us magical and causes us to see and relate with the world in a different and unique way, a creative and productive way that yields an abundance of quality in our relationships and business situations and life, in general.
People who seem to magical-we all know someone who seems to have a good luck charm always at their disposal. It’s almost as if they are too magical. Those people who never have to interview for jobs, people just call them up and hire them, and paid down substantial salaries. Those people who trip over business deals that turn out to be lucrative with out any visible effort on their part. Those people who seem to have good fortune and opportunity simply fall into their laps, those people who have perfect marriages, perfect children, lots of friendships and perfect lives. These people are always in a good mood. They wake up happy, are happy all day and evening go to bed happy in a matter what type of day they may encounter. They always land on their feet. It doesn’t seem to take them long to overcome any trauma or a diversity that life throws their way. When these people experience the loss of the job, a relationship gone bad, even the death of a loved one, they don’t escape pain and mourning in these situations, but they seem to come back to life quicker and remain in pain for a shorter period. In fact, it seems to us that they rarely have a bad day, because we never see them in a bad mood, they are blessed with the perfect existence.

They also seem to have an abundance of everything, and energy, confidence, gratitude, well been, all those traits that make them so likable and popular with others.

If we were to really look at the lives of these lucky or magical people, we may be surprised. They may be struggling with financial burdens, or stressful business decisions. They may be having difficult times dealing with their home life at times or any number of other daily challenges we all encounter. But why did these people seeing much more capable than others of dealing with their challenges and still remain happy, energetic and feeling good about just being alive, and why would this be an important characteristic to embrace?

We believe that nicer things in general, come out of us when we capture the magic of a high in mood. We are a more honorable to making mistakes and poor decisions that will of been surely come back to haunt us when we are in a low mood. We all have this special energy. In fact, one can not NOT have it. It is a gift. The secret is finding the secret of tapping it, harnessing it.

The only difference between us and them is that they are tapping into that special power, and we’re not. So how do you tap into this special energy that makes us magical, and to stay in it longer by learning how to snap out of bad moods more quickly?

Why do we need to learn this process? That’s the only way we can tap that power. From an academic point of view, we can label the self-management or leadership skills. In the real world, we call at maturity. This ability more than any other skill, you have or will learn is really step one. If you cannot connect with your personal store of magic, any other skill, you learn will be minimally beneficial at best.

The principals should seem obvious to you, and what makes this so magical is its simplicity. Life becomes more simplified rather than complex. 

Keys #1 – Ups & Downs- 

Human beings go in and out of moods or have normal ups and downs, and we functioned differently when we are in either of these moods. There is an optimum mood or a high and a low mood, and many places in between these two extremes. Healthy people seem to be in high moods more frequently than they are in low moods. And it’s not money, love or material things that bring on this mood. In fact, the money, love and material things are often a result of the Hyatt mood. Conversely, there is a common denominator in people with emotional problems, these people seem to be in low moods more frequently than they are in high moods. Our clinical name for this dilemma is lowitis. 

Keys #2 – psychology is tied to mood-

Your entire psychology is tied to what ever mood you’re in at that moment. This involves how you see things, the emotions are feelings experienced and the actions that result.

How we see Life- If we see life in a low mood, things seem more difficult and more overwhelming. How we view life, then causes us to have various feelings. Seeing life from a low mood causes us to feel sad, lethargic, worried, depressed, bored, anxious, worried and more stressful or any number of similar symptoms. These low emotions then trigger specific actions. People at the low end of the spectrum becomes self-involved, inpatient, argumentative and judge mental. Two people can be looking at the same situation, but we’ll see or perceive it completely differently, because one is in a low mood and the other is in a high mood.

It’s the classic example of the glass half filled with water. Is the glass half full or half empty? The hot mood person sees it as half full, the low mood person sees it half empty. And the same person may see it half full or half empty at different times, depending on the mood that the person happens to be in. The same principle applies to the person who looks at the beautiful sunset through the window. The other person sees only the dirty window. It’s the difference between seeing opportunity in a situation or seeing the threat. Let’s look at the opposite situation. The person in a high or more positive mood sees life in a positive light. This good mood causes people to experience positive on motions or feelings, characterized by happiness, excitement, security and energy. These positive feelings result in more positive and creative activities. People are more supportive, understanding and a caring. Because of this, they have better relationships with their spouses, families, friends and business associates. So, you see that the mood you are in and at the moment, greatly affects how you see or experience life and how your emotions and actions are triggered by your mood.

Key #3 Life responds

another aspect of all this is that no matter what you see, feel and act about life, life seems to respond in kind. If you approach life from a nicer mood and a from a nicer point of view, good things seem to happen to you more frequently. Conversely, if you view life from a low mood or negative outlook, life seems full of bad breaks and unfortunate circumstances. If that is the case, how you see, feel and act is tied directly to what ever mood you’re in at the moment and life will respond accordingly. Your moment to moment experience, in fact, you’re entire experience is tied to your mood.

Think of any relationship, you may be involved in, a romance, a friendship or an interaction with a family member. If the relationship is going poorly for what ever reason, we tend to look at it from the outside and try to fix it. What ever we feel is the problem, in order to improve the relationship. We may feel the relationship is fraught with arguments, boredom, emptiness, stagnation and little passion. The reality of the situation is that the tone of the relationship is actually a mirror, reflecting the quality of the moods of the persons involved. What must happen to fix or change the relationship for the better is to change the level or mood of the people involved and how they look at life and the world. When people change from looking at life from a nicer mood rather than a low mood, the relationship automatically improves and the partners in the relationship improved in the eyes of the other. Your partner begins to look more attractive, exciting, enticing and you feel passion returning to the relationship. The honeymoon stage is back! Let’s take a look at some other examples of how differing moods of fact in various aspects of our lives.(coming soon)

Author: Mags Kavanaugh

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