BOOTHRENTER by DIVA aka Margaret Deadmon

BOOTHRENTER – by DIVA aka Margaret Deadmon

I am going to try and start writing a few articles on Salon Ownership, the
perks, the trials and tribulations, etc..and wanted the first one to be
about my pursuit for the perfect renter…(I think that is an oxymoron for
the most part, I apologize in advance to the perfect renters out there,I
have always heard there is strength in numbers, but hey, their ain;t a lot
of us out there, so lets do something about it..
My salon openend in March (Grand Opening in June)…I immediately found a
Holistic Therapist, and not far behind I found what I thought was the
perfect Nail tech….Both interviews went smashing, she had clientele, LOVED
the salon, said she would be perfect…she realized that each renter booked
their own clients from their own phone, we as a salon did not handle
anything about their business..
I brought her in because the calls we were getting for nail services were
becoming pretty regular…Our policy is that when no one is at the salon,
or it is closed, the phone is forwarded to me, and I give out the phone
number to the renter the caller is needing to speak too…I hate to miss
calls, and this is the best way to make sure of that..Anyway, after about a
week, this girl stops answering her phones. The day of the Grand Opening
she is there, and she says “my phone died”…Where is your charger I wonder,
but did not ask…Lots of pics were taken of our “staff” doing their
services, along with their names and numbers, and a few days later we got a
FULL PAGE article on the salon….with all of our pictures in it…
The very next day, this nail girl emails and says she is going to be leaving
the salon at end of week and starting real estate classes….ha! I think
you would really need to answer phone for that…But now i have this
beautiful framed article with her in it giving a pedicure…Does anyone know
how to do PHOTOSHOP??
Following week, I spoke with a girl who did both hair and nails, she and I
had worked together 10 years ago, she was very professional, wanted to major
in the nails part, but would do hair as needed…
After about the first week, i got these “twinges” thinking ok, something is
not right here…We have monthly get togethers for grilling out, marketing
ideas, etc, and the day before she was at salon and everything seemed fine,
that she would be there, yadayaha BUT she did not show up..this has been 2
weeks ago…..Now since she is a booth renter, (or was) i could not tell her
what hours to work…but since she is now delinquent in her rent, and we
have left over 10 messages and voicemails, she can no longer get into the
salon because we changed her security code…ALL OF HER TOOLS ARE STILL AT
THE SALON. Her parents knew where she worked, but we have heard nothing….
Maybe aliens got her? who knows, but now i am again without nail
tech/stylist..I must say our booth rent is high, but we are giving those
that are building a business a discount for the summer..We also provide them
with premium business cards, and for the summer we have been paying to
advertise for them to help build their client she was not paying a
lot of money….
Some say i should call or go to her house…I say NO, she does not work for
me. But that really isnt the issue here.. The issue is there are very few
renters willing to move to a new salon with their clients, even tho it is
beautiful, because they are afraid of losing one or 2 people….
Finding reliable stylists, techs, etc is probably the most frustrating thing
I have ever done concerning this salon..
I do however now have the worlds best esthetician, and she stays booked
This article is a tad long, I know, but i wanted to share a few of the
stories about finding people to help you have a great salon and at the same
time help them get a great clientele..I really am not going to bring in a
warm body just for the money, because to me, if I have a unprofessional
renter, I don’;t care if they have their own business and they pay on time
and they don;t even need help advertising themselves, if they are
unprofessional, don’t show for appointments, etc, it still reflects BADLY on
the salon….simply by association
Sending out flyers, posting classifieds, Craigslist, even going to beauty
schools to talk about this is a big time consuming part of my day….
Being a salon owner is fabulous, but keep in mind that booth renting is a
double edged sword, money is great but it is not worth the rep of your
Moral of the story……unfortunately, there isnt any at least for me….I
am not lucrative enough to pay an hourly wage just starting out, but if this
keeps up, by beginning of year, that is what we will do….no more booth
Hope this helps some owners out there understand that interviews are really
a big waste of time in my opinion, if you are doing them to get a “feel” for
the candidate…Everyone can look and sound great on paper and in an
Maybe a trial period would be the thing to do…
Hope this has made you think a little…Next article will be something we
all have had at one time or another…..Repetitive no shows, and how to
handle them..What I did to one will knock your socks clean off your feet!.

till next time

Diva aka Margaret Deadmon


Author: Mags Kavanaugh

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