An Expert’s Guide to Advanced Color Correction




Everything you need to know about color correction & color removal

Stylists, you’ve all asked for Advanced Coloring Techniques – and here it is! 😀


• Disclaimer
• Bio
• Corrective Color
• History and the Health of Hair
• Hair is Like Fabric
• Bond Multipliers, Proteins & Ceramides
• Lightener
• Sulphur Based Color Removers
• Removing Color + Lifting levels
• Color Correction
• Eumelanin, Pheomelanin, Miked Melanins
• American Level System
• American Level System vs. European Level System
• Four Basic Rules
• Different Types of Formulation
• Formulation When New Client Formula is Unknown
• Convert Shades and Formulas from One Line to Another
• Maintaining Hair Color
• How to Color Hair
• Processing Hair Color¬
• Fading in Hair Color
• Poor Initial Color Application
• Water Exposure
• Cuticle Damage
• Some Shades Fade More Quickly Than Others
• UV Exposure
• Limits of Hair Color
• Laws of Color
• Natural Level
• Percentage of White Hair
• Desired Tonality
• Texture
• Porosity
• Healthy Hair Versus Porous Hair
• Porosity Zones: 1, 2, 3
• Fillers
• Existing Color
• Product You’ll Be Using
• Limbal Ring
• Common Color Correction Problems
• Overly Bright Red Shades
• Avoiding Hot Roots
• Neutralize Unwanted Brassy Tones
• All-Over Vibrant Red Goes Muddy
• Brass Cool Down
• Dark Color Build-Up on Ends
• Very Light Blonde Shows Discoloration
• Highlights Too Light
• Gold Bands
• Unwanted Greenish Cast
• Avoiding Muddy Ends
• Create Funky Bright Colors
• Color Correctors & Enhancers
• Color Rules You Must Follow
• Bead the Brush Technique
• Products That Help With Color Correction

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