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I love all the Malibu Products, especially their Crystal Gel, which gets rid of minerals in the hair due to the water in pipes.
CPR (oxidative color remover) and the DDL for direct dyes. And don’t forget their UnDoFoo Shampoo!!!
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Here’s my friend Anthony Barnhill of Malibu explaining the Malibu Products:


Anthony Barnhill·Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Alright, so lets move on to the Professional In Salon Remedies yeah? Again this is just a quick intro much like the at home remedies post. Did you read that one yet? But please feel free to visit for videos and more detailed info. Lets start left to right shall we?

Crystal Gel – The mac daddy main treatment to do in the salon to remove mineral build up and other impurities from the hair before doing any service and esp before applying an oxidizer. Haircuts, blowouts, color services, highlighting, keratins, brazilian blow outs, perms, relaxers, and so on. If you are unsure of how minerals can affect the hair, please visit the free education on demand website listed above. Process 10-45 minutes under heat (CG NEEDS HEAT) with a cap depending on how bad the build up is. Shampoo with undo once before and 1-2 times after processing depending on the density of the hair. *HOT TIP* if its their first time, do the full 45. You want to remove as much as possible.

Miracle Repair – Have you been using Malibu correctly? Miracle repair is the 2nd half of any remedy that releases minerals from the hair. The reason being is because once minerals are gone, potholes are exposed in the hair and Miracle repair will fill those potholes with different proteins at different weights leaving the hair softer, shinier, and stronger. You will never ever over do it with the protein in Miracle Repair because they are plant based proteins. Also, using a remedy, then doing a color…..then miracle repair. it will act as a top coat for your color. If you’d like to use the new concentr8’s in place of miracle repair, that is 100% okay! ANNNND its a possible add on for you in the salon. Mo money mo money mo money!!

Quick Fix – Formerly known as color correction. This little guy is perfect for those oops moments. Toner taking too dark or color too dark around the hairline? Here’s a quick fix. See what i did there? ehh?

CPR – Buckle up, here we go…..CPR contains the same amazing properties as crystal gel, and then some. Not only will it remove some mineral deposits from the hair, the special clay in CPR will help bring color molecules closer to the surface for easier removal. Be sure to process with a cap 15-45 minutes under heat (YA NEED THE HEAT). How long should i process it? Well the more pigment you want to remove, the longer you should process. Max time being 45 minutes. Be sure to shampoo with undo goo before and 3-5 times after in warmER water depending on the density of the hair. CPR is a great first step when it comes to color correction. DO NOT MIX DEVELOPER WITH CPR. Mixing developer with CPR will do absolutely nothing as CPR is still vitamin technology and will neutralize your developer turning it into creamy water. Such a waste don’t you think? Also, CPR can be done as many times as you want/need to. IF irritation occurs its because of the lower ph.

DDL – Still enjoying the ride? DDL = Direct Dye Lifter. Even when removing direct dyes, start with CPR/CG. If you’re running in a race, it’s easier to get to the finish line with as few obstacles as possible. Not a runner? Thats fine. But you wouldn’t drive through a construction zone would you? Maybe you would, but i don’t recommend it. Remove impurities from the hair and maybe even some pigment and prep the hair making it much safer to work on once you’ve applied an oxidizer. DDL can be mixed with water, 10, or 20 volume and will oxidize (hence why you should CPR/CG first). DDL will also lift natural pigment so if you aren’t wanting to do that focus on the areas you want to see removal. Speaking of removal, DDL’s main purpose is to remove pigment, not achieve lift. Sometimes you don’t need 20 volume. Use your best judgement and be thorough in your consultation. But whatever you do, CPR/CG first.

Written by your friendly neighborhood Malibu C educator, Anthony Barnhill.

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