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Mags Kavanaugh has worked in the industry for over 46+ years. In that time she has worked as a Make-up Artist & Cosmetologist for the theater, TV, movies, Trichologist and Cosmetic Chemist. She has worked the Emmy’s & Oscars every year making sure her celebrity clients look great on their special day!

She’s owned 4 salons in those years:
California Beauty Studios Inc. was an award-winning salon voted
“One of the Top 100 Salons in the USA” by the prestigious Institute of Trichology, the salon was located in Clearwater  Florida, and Mags was voted

“Best Stylist in Tampa Bay” by Tampa Bay Magazine.
Her other salons were the One Man Salon and The Logics Color Group.
Mags has worked for 5 major color companies:
Clairol, which was her introduction to Logics, where she was a National Artistic Educator with Logics, then Matrix bought Logics she then worked as a Master Artistic Educator, National  Artistic Educator for both companies and became a member of the Vivienne Mackinder’s   Via Design Cutting & Coloring Team and as a Trichologist / Cosmetic Chemist for Redken Research Lab in the Canoga Park, CA.

Mags is the former International Brand Ambassador for Compagnia Del Colore, Italy’s premiere color line and the former Education Director for, the distributor for CDC.

She began her career as Vidal Sassoon’s assistant, learning from the Master was a humbling, exciting adventure but it was well worth it as it built her foundation in disciplined precision cutting.
She has worked with Trevor Sorbie, Vivienne Mackinder, Dwight Miller, James Morrison and many others who have shaped & molded her into the Educator she is today.

After working on the Matrix Message Board and as  “Ask the Expert” for Matrix/Logics, Mags decide the industry needed a place where stylists could come, ask questions and get correct “by the book” answers so she created, a Mentoring Educational Cosmetology Website.

She’s glad stylists have a haven, a place where they feel comfortable and know that they have help whenever they need it. And she really means it when she says,

” There are no  stupid questions, just the question NOT ASKED!”

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