Mags Kavanaugh-PRESS

California Beauty Studios Inc.   Mags’s Award-winning salon on Clearwater Beach and then in Clearwater, Florida.
  Mags starts working for Clairol.
For many years Mags was  the “Ask the Expert” for Matrix and Logics, known as Irishroyal, she took the membership  for the  website from 2000 people to over 10,000 Stylists.
  Mags taught for many years at the ABCH Energizing Summit Show  she loved every minute!
The best educators from the old ABCH now have started the Board Certified Haircolorists.

   Mags teaching for Logics.

Mags’s Corner column for TRI Hair Care.

Mags teaching at the Premiere Show Orlando, for
Bonika Shears.
Mags was the International Brand Ambassador for Compagnia del Color and the Natural Educator for the distributor Javier Rabago who owns Haircared. 

This was my award-winning salon called California Beauty Studios Inc. in Clearwater Beach Florida.


2 Comments on “Mags Kavanaugh-PRESS”

  1. Hi Mags. I have a question for you.
    I hope you remember me from your Facebook Forum (which I thoroughly enjoy reading, and have learned a lot from your posts).
    If you remember, I have stepped away from the chair to take care of my youngest son’s health problems. I have also gone back to college, at the University of Florida.
    I have to write a paper where I interview leaders that I admire and write up my takeaways from those interviews. You are someone I admire greatly, and I think you are a leader in our industry. May I interview you for my paper?
    We could do this in one of two ways. I could call you by telephone, or I could email you the questions and you could email back the answers. Which way would work best for you?
    Thank you for all you do. We fellow stylists really appreciate all your hard work!
    Brook Rainflower

    1. Hi Brook, Good for you going back to college and yes I would love to interviewed by you!
      It would be better for me to get an email as I’m always working on my groups, and on here too, so emailing me would be best.
      Since I have a lot of health problems still it easier for me this way.
      I’ll email you & give you my email, thanks!

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