This is just a quick review of three products I recently discovered at Sally Beauty Supply: L’Oreal Technique Pre-Color Primer, Post-Color Treatment and Color Thickener. All three are excellent, low in cost and can have a place in any salon.



L’Oreal was one of the first companies to discover Ceramide’s and the role they play in the hair – essentially a wax-like inter-cellular ‘cement’, Ceramide’s bond the hair’s cuticle layers together and give hair great strength and resistance to external damage. However, as we bleach, color, perm and blow-dry, the natural Ceramide’s are stripped away, weakening the hair and allowing the cuticle to fray and become damaged. Following this discovery, L’Oreal researchers looked for a synthetic product that would duplicate the action of Ceramide’s – the result was the patented Ceramide-R, the “R” standing for Research.



Pre-Color Primer is a Ceramide-R and Polymer based ‘primer’ you use to prepare the hair before coloring – it’s a thick, white crème that you apply to dry hair, 1/4th inch away from the scalp. Wait 2 minutes and apply your color formula directly over the Pre-Color Primer.  It reduces porosity, helps the hair take and hold color better, reconditions the cuticle and helps to prevent further damage.  I’ve noticed all those results and now use it before every color service.  A 5 ounce tube is only 10 or so dollars, and you don’t need to use much, so it’s very economical. You can either apply it only to damaged areas of the hair or to the entire head – it does not hinder color development or penetration when applied to healthy hair.



Post-Color Treatment is meant to be used as the final step in a color service. Again, it contains Ceramide-R plus Silcone, Candelilla Wax and Starch to add condition, detangle and reconstruct hair after any chemical service.  Unusually, L’Oreal recommends that you do NOT shampoo the hair after rinsing the color – simply rinse the color, apply Post-Color Treatment to all the hair, wait 2 minutes, then rinse well. You may follow with your favorite Acidifier.  The final result is shiny, healthy looking and feeling hair with lots of movement and bounce.  The hair looks ‘sealed’ and feels noticably stronger. Like Pre-Color, I use this product after all my chemical services – it can even be used after any relaxer service to condition the hair.  I’ve also used it, in small amounts, as a light, daily conditioner.  It costs around 8 dollars for an 8 oz bottle.



Color Thickener is an additive to any color mixture to help thicken it, like Logics Creative Control – and it contains Sunflower Seed Oil and Cucumber Extract to add extra conditioners to the color mixture. Add ½ to 1 tsp of Color Thickener to your color mixture, stir well and then wait 30 seconds. It will thicken even the thinnest formula into a nice gel that stays where you put it. It also helps to hold foils in place when weaving color or creating special effects and Baylage. Added to an oil-bleach mixture makes it even thicker, which is a great benefit when doing a retouch.  Color Thickener does not affect the performance of your color mixture in any way – it just makes it easier to work with. If I’m doing a bowl and brush color application, I consider Color Thickener a MUST to keep the color exactly where I want it. A 4oz bottle was around 7 dollars.  Since only ½ to 1 tsp is used at any time, it should last a while.



L’Oreal also makes a color remover for haircolor stains on the skin – I have not tried this product, but some of you might find it useful.



Give these three products a try – used correctly they can make your excellent color services even better.



Ty Chamberlain


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Author: Mags Kavanaugh

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