Joico Direct Dye Remover

My name is Petra & I am a JoiColor Systems Advisor\/Educator. “*JOICO INTENSITY ERASER*
Joico Intensity Eraser is a Semi-Permanent & Demi-Permanent, Direct Dye Remover. Yes, It works on Demi-Permanent colors because these colors consist of Direct Dyes, not Oxidative colors.\nNo, it is Not bleach, it has some Ingredients, that are found in many lighteners but the chemistry of Eraser ingredients will not behave\/react like bleach lighteners. Eraser is designed to reacts only to Direct Dyes. Not Oxidative Dyes or Permanent haircolors.”,”It is to Only be Mixed with…Water
 Direct Dyes that are almost completely faded out OR are a Pastel Shade Level. 10Vol. On Direct Dyes that are halfway thru their Fade Out or are MidLevel Colors.20Vol. Direct Dyes that are fairly Recent\/Fresh or are Dark Level Colors. Using 10Vol. \/ 20Vol., might cause some Color Lift on Natural Hair. So Apply Only on Direct Dye that you want lifted. I suggest using an isolation method on longer hair types.,”Use the Appropriate ‘Developer’, as recommended above. (Water, 10Vol. or 20Vol.)
It Will Lift out Joico Intensitys in approximately 5-20min., depending on shade
My Personal Tip: I prefer to Start with the Water Formulation & Work My way up to 10Vol., Then 20Vol., if needed. Starting as Gentle as Possible.
Joico Intensity Eraser Can be used on most Semi-Permanent and Demi-Permanent ‘Direct Dyes’ We Tested on Joico Intensitys and All of the Intensity colors were safely removed but some Darker Levels might Require more that 1 Application of ERASER. “,”*Colors with Green\/Teal Backgrounds, are the ‘most stubborn’.”,”General Rules\/Tips: Apply on Dry hair (Very well towel dried hair, is ok)\  Apply Quickly, as it Works Fast. Do wear gloves. Do use in a Well Ventilated area.
Apply and Keep your eyes on it, while processing. Processing Time : 5min.-30min. Max.
Gently massage into ‘Darker Hair, Thicker Hair’ etc. To ensure saturation.
Do Use the JOICO 4 Step Hair Repair System, AFTER ea. Eraser. On a Repeat, 2nd ‘Same Day’ Application, use Water Formulation…Do not use metal bowls Do not use Eraser for Anything other than Direct Dye Removal. (As in, any other lightening technique)
Do not apply & walk away. Do not process for more than 30min. (Rinse, Hair Repair System & use Repeat, as mentioned above, if hair is ‘strong enough’.) Do not use on Compromised\/Overly Stressed hair. Do not use on Oxidative Dyes or Permanent hair colors, it won’t work on these.
 As with Any Extractor\/Removal System, Test Strand recommended & Do Not Use on Compromised Hair. “,”You might Opt to Add 1\/8 oz. of Olaplex or Other Additives to your Eraser Formula, BUT if the Hair is already Comprised Or is Already Pre-Lightened to a Level 11+, Nothing will Protect or Repair it. Always do a Test Test Test Test STRAND
Side Note: Colors like Elumen (which is actually considered ‘Permanent’) , ion & Splat, Do Not Consist of Only Direct Dyes, These colorlines use some Oxidative Dyes and other dyes that are common in FABRIC DYES, this is why Eraser Will Not Successfully Remove These Types of Dyes. So, GOOD LUCK to anyone trying to remove.

Author: Mags Kavanaugh

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