Cap Highlighting- how not to get dots!

Troubles pulling hair through a cap!!!
Question: Rocky
What else would we be pulling through a cap????? Anyway, When I pull longer hair through a cap, I get so frustrated. When I pull one, it pulls hair out of the other holes I just pulled through. Does everyone have this problem, and if so, has anyone found a solution??? Thanks!

Answer: Mags
Rocky there is something that will help, part the hair down the middle of the head, most stylists brush the hair back and when you try to pull the hair out, it pulls other hair from the other holes out too, so part down the middle and brush the hair down both sides seems to help a little bit, the other thing is to put some silicone spray or drops on the hair, it helps to pull the hair thru.
You get spots when you pull on the hair as you apply the color, if you hold it even you can get spots because you apply the color and then after you apply it, it slips back thru the hole. Don’t lift or hold or pull on the hair when you apply the color. – Mags
Here are some tips:
1. make sure you measure when you mix the color or bleach with the developer, don’t be a dumper, where you just add a little more here or there, really measure.

2. I brush the hair awawy from the front and where they part their hair, so if it’s in the middle, I part the hair in the middle.

3. when you go to punch the hair with the hook, make sure you don’t dig too far away from the hole, if you go in at a slight angle, it will help & then take the hair from right there.

4. when applying the color never hold the hair- ever, this is the reason you’re getting the bleeding. pat the hair down the middle, the apply the color, then make a small parting with a tail comb and flip the hair over and do the back side of the strand you just did, now do the nect side, all this without ever picking up the hair. If you need to lift it, then lift but do NOT pull, because when you pull the hair as you put the color or bleach on, when you let go of the tension of holding the hair, the hair will slip back down thru the hole and create a bleed dot.

5. balance & spacing- I do like to use the Matrix caps as they have X’s where you can place the color and it makes it very balanced and it also makes you pick up just enough hair, because it sounds like you are pulling thru too much hair to color, because then they get too blonde, so you should be pulling out just a few strands, like 20 at the most for it to look natural, if you get too much in one hole, then make a hole next to it and pull some away, then tape that second hole up.

Author: Mags Kavanaugh

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