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Miss Kim by Copa-Swing Bob

Miss Kim went to Copa to get the hippest cut in the Universe and after she got her cut she called her best friend in the whole wide world , Miss Erica, who was very concerned that she now looked dowdy, decided to do something - drastic!

Here's Miss Kim in all her glory!


After Miss Kim went all over town showing off her new Do, she got a call from Miss Erica, and after they got together for lunch, Miss Kim was horrified to see Miss Erica's cute Do, so she marched right back over to Copa and demanded a different haircut so she could up one manship Miss Erica.

So Copa being the fabulous stylist she was, took it all in stride and gave Miss THING and PonyTail Cut that she learned at AskMags.com, and off she went to show her best friend in the Universe Miss Erica!



The saga continues....

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