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90 Degree - Contour Layer- CRAFT


hc41_3_a_crop_large This cut is slightly longer in the nape area.
Lisa Rinna's cut is a Contour Layered Cut, longer all over the head.

Hair cut with the hair pulled out 90 degree all over the head is called a  90 degree layered cut.
Each section is cut the same at 90 degress

You can start this cut at the back, take a diagonal section,
then break that section down to 3 VERTICAL parting, cut each at 90 degrees, this is a traveling cut, so you cut, then take a step into the next cutting space, cut & then move again.
After 4 diagonal sections, with each section broken down into 3 parting that are vertical, you move to the sides.

Take a 1 inch horizontal parting, and break that section down to 3 VERTICAL partings., keep moving up the head until you reach the parietal ridge.

Top is done with horizontal partings

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