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When I click quick reply, the box comes up with previous post and bunch of words in it? Is that normal?

With Quick Edit, a click on the Edit button in a post will open an editor within that post via AJAX if the visitor's browser is compatible. Users may use the full editor by clicking the 'Go Advanced' button in the inline editor. Perhaps you clicked on the Quote Reply button which is to the left of the quick reply. It will bring up the text of the message you are replying to with /Quote marks around it. By contrast, Quick reply should move you to the bottom of the screen and 'activate' the quick reply text box which turns white and becomes editable.

When I use the quote symbols it is writing the WORD quote! WHY???

This is normal behavior for this bulletin board. The software will translate the markup codes you insert and display them as you would expect.
For instance, surrounding text with the /Quote markup will show the quoted text in a green box.
You can type these simple markup codes yourself, or highlight some text and use the little yellow quote button.
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