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Formulas- Color Sync + Highlights

Here's some formulas that you use when you are doing highlights and want to then put Color Sync in between the foils.
In these formulas, I'll give the highlight Colors and then what Color Sync base would look good around the foils.
Dark levels- 1 thru 4 - VIRGIN HAIR
Apply the foils, then after 10 minutes, apply the Color Sync for 20 mins.
Highlight- Hi-Tones Red + 30vol.
Highlight - Light Reactions + 20vol.
base -Color Sync 5WN- take Lighteners foils out FIRST-spray off with water- then mush the Color Sync into them (Hi-Tones foils are still in place) tone for the 10 minutes or less, then rinse out the Color Sync with low water pressure and then take out the Hi-Tones.
This gives a warm base Color with honey & red tones, you can subsitute the Hi-Tones Gold for the Light Reactions.
Levels 1 thru 4 - Color Treated Hair:
Vlight + 20vol
Vlight + 40vol
base- Color Sync 4G
Foil the two lighteners in & time for 10 minutes and then apply base Color, spray foils off after 10 minutes- BUT ONLY THE FOILS! Mush the hair that was in the foils into the Color Sync, time for 10 minutes and take off.
This gives a golden hue to the base hair and the foils look like cinnamon & honey.
Levels 4 thru 6 - VIRGIN HAIR
Highlight- Ash Ash Hi-Tones + 30vol.
Highlights Neutral Hi-Tones + 30vol.
base Color Sync 6N
After applying foils, place client under dryer for 10 minutes, cool down for 5 and then apply the base Color for 10 to 20 minutes.
Creates cool neutral base with warm honey highlights.
Levels 4 thru 6 - Color Treated
Light Reactions or Light Exposure + 30vol.
base - Color Sync 8WN + 8RC = parts
Apply foils wait 10 minutes and then apply the Color Sync for 20 minutes, take out foils, spray down with water and then mush into the Color Sync.
Creates an auburn base with strawberry blonde highlights.
Levels 7 to 8- VIRGIN HAIR
Highlight- UL-A + Double 40vol.
Highlight 8AA + 30vol.
base Color Sync 8G
Creates warm honey base with golden apricot & buttery highlights. (this is good for folks that have freckles or that peaches & cream look)
Levels 7 to 8 - Color Treated
Highlight - Vlight + 20vol.
base Color Sync 8WN + 10CG + Copper Booster
Apply foils, wait 15 minutes and apply the Color Sync base Color, process for 15 minutes then take out & spray the foils, mush into the Color for 5 min.
Creates strawberry base with blonde highlights.
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