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Compagnia Del Colore - Gray Coverage

 Working with very resistant gray hair-

Use the  .000 or Intense Natural or Warm Naturals in your formula, they are designed to cover grey. Intense Natural 100% coverage all levels, Warm Naturals 100% coverage at  level 8 and under.

● Add 1/2oz. of the next lower Intense Natural level to your formula.

●Increase the concentration of color in the formula by increasing the ratio of color to developer, use 50ml of color to 60ml of 20vol instead of the normal 75ml of developer.

● Pre-soften the area with the Warm Naturals + 20vol. in level that is one level lighter than desired, process 15 minutes, towel blot and apply the regular formula for 35 mins.

● Add 15 minutes of extra time for very resistant gray hair because white hair has no natural chemical reaction without Magnesium, Iron and Zinc so a longer processing time might be needed.

For believable red heads, use the Warm Naturals and then add the Copper.4  or .34 golden copper series.
For cooler blonds use the Intense Naturals and the Beige.32 series.
 For warmer brunettes- Use the Chocolate.35 series and make it rich by adding the Warm Golden .33 series to it.

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