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CDC - Moka & Caramel Series

Moka & Caramel Series
series looks like Hersey's Special Dark Chocolate, it's rich and has a deep red undertone to it. It's under the true  PRIMARY RED  on the Compagnia Del Colore Colorwheel, so it's a Red brown. Think rich, dark coffee color. 

Now move to Hersey's Milk Chocolate, that's exactely where this is, it's in the Red Orange family, it's a warm rich brown, great for the client that has that pale skin that needs a little warming up.


If you look on the CDC Color Chart the Hazelnut, Moka and Caramel series are in a line, these 3 series look fantastic in foils on level 3 thru level 8, use each one in different level, so if you have a NL-3 use levels 5.73 Hazelbut + 10vol, then 7.8 Caramel + 20vol and the last foil put 9.73 with 30vol, this is an awesome color result!


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