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Kim Browning, Everything Expert
Maxwell Maisano  Hair color
Michael Quick, Master Colorist
Mags Kavanaugh, Cosmetologist & Trichologist

Salon Professional
Velvet 28 says... Thanks mags!
Mags, (and everyone on this site) I just wanted to say thanks again for the awesome website! I have been doing hair for 10 years and when I first started, I was deathly afraid of doing colors. I would sometimes call in sick if I saw a color on my books. I would get panic attacks right before a color. Now, I am the go to person if someone needs help on a color. I have learned so much from this website its amazing. I have also learned by messing up some colors when I first started and I am so glad for that experience because it taught me about corrective color. I usually don't have a day of just haircuts cause I do alot of colors now which I love. The most important thing I have ever learned about color is from you mags. And that's to ... ALWAYS REMEMBER THE UNDERLYING PIGMENT!!!!!!!!! They do not stress or teach that enough in school. We had a color class at my salon last week and the instructor was talking about underlying pigment which I knew about from mags. Well anyways most of the salon did not take the class so I was curious about what they new about underlying pigment. In the class she gave the formula(socolor): natural level-4, desired level-6, desired tone-neutral. I asked this to a couple of stylists, one being someone that thinks she's the stuff. She said to use 8N with 40vol. Yeah right. Another stylist said 8W. Yeah right. When I told them 8A with 20 vol. they didn't understand why and I had to explain about the underlying pigment. And yesterday a stylist wanted to break the base and take a NL-3 to a level 10. The stylist helping said to use logics 12V. What the heck! Then the original stylist asked me why her client only got to a level 7. I said only bleach with take you from a 3 to a 10 and probably 2 applications and toner. I explained how color can never do that. I am not one to brag cause I definitely don't know it all, but it just kills me that there are stylists that have done hair for 15 years and don't know that you can't take a 3 to a 10 with color. Any there are stylists that think they know it all but dont know about underlying pigment. Anyways, just venting and saying thanks for making me smarter!
Salon Professional
Rocky says....
After 18 years I had decided to get back to doing hair, and I was extremely hungry to learn as much as I could. I was so intimidated because so much had changed. I would spend hours on the internet looking on every message board I could find to help me learn what I needed to know. I to was on the Matrix board about the time people were asking "Where is irishroyal?" (I think that was the name Mags went by). Askmags was mentioned, and I typed it in. My life changed from then on out!! I thank God, Mags and all of you for this wonderful place! I haven't been this excited about anything in a very long time, and there hasn't been a day go by that I haven't been on "AskMags" since I found her!
Stylist/Salon Owner
Jord says....
I bought a salon a few years back, jumped into it, did have the old owners formulas for clients (Matrix) and, I was the same as Rocky, I had done hair for 20 years, but had gotten so out of color & knew I had to do something, to get back to the times. I think I may have went on btc, but some people werent very nice, or had big chips on their shoulders, then I discovered there was a message board on the Matrix site. I asked a question (feeling very stupid if I remember correctly) and the nicest person answered & encouraged me & made me feel not stupid, of course it was Mags! I remembered thinking back then, that this wonderful caring person was going to teach me, and I could "do this." Mags, you have made me what I am today in my career.
Salon Professional
Jamie says....
I was getting into a rut about 2 years ago and my kids were getting bigger and I wanted more from myself in this career. I honestly was just getting by before. Winging it! Didn't know how to foil (I can still do a mean cap hilite) ...never used bleach
Then I found Mags and all of you and I have learned more from this place than any class I have ever taken! I am grateful every day to every single one of you. Now I have so much confidence and understanding!
Thank you :: thank you :: thank you!!!
Stylist/Salon Owner
Kimber says....
Not to sound like a broken record, but I was on the Matrix site too. I had specialized in haircutting for over 20 years and then opened a new place and got back into color. I was so rusty! Mags answered a question I had posted and even gave me her email address and told me about this site. I have learned so much on here from all of you. It has become many times a day habit for me to check in here :-)
Salon Professional
Ashmerx says....
I went online searching for education. I found the matrix board and saw Mags answering a question and it had her website link underneath. I thought to myself-who is this woman?. Wow, what a kind and helpful woman creating this amazing site. I love this site: Mags and everyone has been such a tremendous help. I've only been on here since Feb 07 and I have learned more than I could imagine.
Thanks Mags and Everybody!
Salon Owner (Home Salon)
Mushie says....
I practically LIVED on the Matrix board starting back in 2002 I think it was. I had been teaching school part-time but like Jamey, got in a rut, my kids were getting a little bit older, and I was sick of doing everyone's hair for FREE!
I then decided to make my home salon and get on with business....not knowing ANYTHING about colour after being out of the loop for so long. I'd never FOILED, and I hadn't mixed a colour in 10 years! I literally prayed for guidance....and guess who I found.....our Mags.

Five years later I'm successful and I truly owe it to Mags. I couldn't have done it without finding her. And I still need her!!! LOL

And all of you, whom I consider my friends even though we haven't met in person. I look forward to checking in each day to see what's new.

love ya all!

Mags Kavanaugh

tampabayarticle2009 to new pc 2141    Mags Kavanaugh has worked in the industry for over 41 years. In that time she has worked as a make-up artist & Cosmetologist for the theater, TV, movies and has worked the Emmy's & Oscars every year making sure her celebrity clients look great on their special day!

She's owned 4 salons in those years:
California Beauty Studios Inc. was an award winning salon voted  "One of the Top 100 Salons in the USA" by the prestigious Institute of Trichology, the salon was located in Clearwater  Florida, and Mags was voted
"Best Stylist in Tampa Bay" by Tampa Bay Magazine.
Her other salons were the One Man Salon and the
The Logics Color Group in Los Angeles California.
Mags has worked for 5 major color companies:
Clairol, which was her introduction to Logics, where she was a National Artistic Educator with Logics, then Matrix bought Logics she then worked as a Master Artistic Educator, National  Artistic Educator for both companies and became a member of the Vivienne Mackinder's  Design Cutting & Coloring Team and as a Trichologist for Redken in the Canoga Park,
California Labs.
Mags is the former International Brand Ambassador for Compagnia Del Colore, Italy's premiere colorline.
She began her career as Vidal Sassoon's assistant, learning from the Master was a humbling, exciting adventure but it was well worth it, working with Trevor Sorbie, Vivienne Mackinder, Dwight Miller, James Morrison and many others who have shaped & molded her into the Educator she is today.
After working on the Matrix Message Board and as  "Ask the Expert" for Matrix, Mags decide the industry needed a place where stylists could come, ask questions and get correct "by the book" answers so she created www.AskMags.com, a Mentoring Educational Cosmetology Website.
She's glad stylists have a haven, a place where they feel comfortable and know that they have help whenever they need it. And she really means it when she says,
" There are no  stupid questions, just the question NOT ASKED!"
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