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From movies, stage, the Oscars & Emmys to her former award winning salon, California Beauty Studios,  Mags has taken care of some of the most famous hair in the world in
Beverly Hills Ca.

As a Trichologist, she knows what it takes to keep that famous hair in shape, keeping hair in optimum shape!
Mags worked for Logics/Matrix from 1986 to 2005 as the "Ask The Expert" and a National and Master Artistic Educator as well as  beiong on the Vivienne Mackinder Design Team, she's been taught by the best in the biz:
Vidal Sasson, Louis Licari, Vivienne Mackinder, Mary Quant Alan Benfield Bush,James Morrison, and Marvin Westmore.

Now she's here to answer your questions.


Mags Kavanaugh:

Mags brings 40+ years of expertise in all aspects of the industry from Film, T.V., Stage, to the Oscars & Emmys. She was a National Educator and Master Artistic Educator, as well as one of the few "Ask the Expert" for Loreal's Matrix and Logics from 1986 to 2005.
As a Trichologist, Mags has emerged as one of the nationally recognized experts in the industry of hair care.

Mags is the former International Brand Ambassador for Compagnia Del Colore and the former  National Education Director for Haircared.com, the USA distributor for CDC.
Mags -Hrd Rock Hotel San Diego Ca.me in san diego

TRI Hair Care Featured Stylist- Mags Kavanaugh 


  1. What drew you to the beauty industry?
    I was working in the Theatre as an actor and we did our own make-up and hair and fell in love with doing hair & make-up on other actors, so when I went out to Hollywood to become a "Star", I went to school, got my license and did hair, make-up, acting and eventually stuntwork. 
  1. Where did you train?
    First school was Newberry School of Beauty on Hollywood Blvd right across from "Hooker Row", I was the only paying student, everyone else was on a work release from prison! Then one night I went to school and it had closed up, taking my grant money with it!
    I then went to Yamano's Beauty College, which is the largest beauty school in the world, based in Tokyo, but I went to the Beverly Hills school, it was a great experience.
     I went to UCLA for Trichology and Cosmetic Chemistry.
    I got to be Vidal Sassoon's  personal apprentice for 2 years too, that totally changed my life.


  1. How long have you been in the industry?
    I've been doing make-up & hair for the theatre since I was 13, but licensed since 1974.


  1. What various job descriptions and titles have you held?
    I've been a National Artistic Educator for Logics and  Master Artistic Educator for Matrix and for the Matrix chain division for J.C. Penney's I was their National Artistic Director. I was the  "Ask The Expert" for both Matrix and Logics websites.  I've also been an Actor and a Stuntwoman out in Hollywood.
    Creator of AskMags.com, a Stylists 911. 
  1. What is the favorite position that you have held and why?
    I like helping stylists learn our industry and making it easy for them to understand so I would have to say AskMags.com, a Stylists 911. 
  1. What do you look for in a company or manufacturer?
    Integrity! Quality of ingredients. Needed products that work. 
  1. What particular services or technologies to you like to work with?
    Since becoming a Trichologist, I love my microscope to analyze hair and do deep conditioning treatments followed by a special Trichology Haircut which gets the interior split ends of the hair which lets the hair to grow down & fill the hair back out.
  2. What myths or misrepresentations to you see perpetuated by the industry?
    The myth of organic color and products. Product diversion, that it's from the distributor when it comes directly from the company itself!!! 
  1. Describe an ideal product line or ideal position?

      I like a line to fit the needs of the 3 different hair types, fine, medium or coarse, many lines don't make specific          lines  for the 3 types of hair, but TRI  does!

  1. What line in particular do you think highly of? What is your favorite product in that line?
    TRI, of course! I can't live without the Structural Balance line, the shampoo & conditioner but the Leave In, it's the best detangler out there! I follow that up with the Glossifier, it seals the cuticle down, has a heat protectant and has UV protection!!! 


  1. Do you have any advice for your fellow stylists?

       Learn your craft. Continuing education is the biggest key to becoming the best stylist out there.
       Understand how products can help you be a better stylist. And if you ever meet another stylist with more knowledge out there, suck their brains dry!




Here are some of the press & pics that have been written about Mags Kavanaugh and her award winning salon California Beauty Studios Inc
Here was our 2011 AskMags.com Boot Camp, at Safety Harbor Spa, where over 130 stylists joined Mags, Joe Santy and David Velasco, teaching their hearts out.

askmags.com 10 A Salon in the Villages in Florida, won Mags for a day of coloring techniques.

!CDC-Mags Teach  Mags teaching in Canada for Italian Group Canada

mags3 Mags started working for Compagnia Del Colore's Haircared.com the distributor for CDC in 2006


Article showing Mags's Mom & Dad at her salon in the local paper.
Thanks Mom & Dad.

cbs adCalifornia Beauty Studios was voted one of the top 100 salon in the USA!!!

matrixarticletampabayarticle          California Beauty Studios in Tampa Bay Magazine

Mags Kavanaugh has worked in the industry for over 40 years. In that time she has worked as a
make-up artist & Cosmetologist for the theatre, TV, movies and has worked the Emmy's & Oscars
every year making sure her celebrity clients look great on their special day! She's owned 3 salons
  in those 40 + years:
California Beauty Studios Inc. was an award winning salon voted  "One of the Top 100 Salons in the USA" by the
prestigious Institute of Trichology, located in Clearwater  Florida, and Mags has been voted
"Best Stylist in Tampa Bay" by Tampa Bay Magazine. She now educates and helps stylists gain the knowledge they are seeking.

Her other salons were the One Man Salon and the 
The Logics Color Group in Los Angeles California.
Mags has worked for 5 major color companies:
Clairol, which was her introduction to Logics, where she was a National Artistic Educator with Logics,
then Matrix bought Logics she then worked as a Master Artistic Educator, National  Artistic Educator for both
companies and became a member of the Vivienne Mackinder's   Via Design Cutting & Coloring Team and
as a Trichologist & Chemist for Redken in the Canoga Park, 
California Labs.
Mags is the former the International Brand Ambassador for Compagnia Del Colore, Italy's premiere colorline.

She began her career as Vidal Sassoon's assistant, learning from the Master was a humbling, exciting adventure
but it was well worth it, working with Trevor Sorbie, Vivienne Mackinder, Dwight Miller, James Morrison and
many others who have shaped & molded her into the Educator she is today.
After working on the Matrix Message Board and as  "Ask the Expert" for Matrix, Mags decide the industry needed a place where stylists could come, ask questions and get correct "by the book" answers so she created
www.AskMags.com, a Mentoring Educational Cosmetology Website.
She's glad stylists have a haven, a place where they feel comfortable and know that they have help whenever they need it.
And she really means it when she says,
" There are no  stupid questions, just the question NOT ASKED!"


SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Sept 7, 2008 —  Haircared.com , the exclusive distributor of Compagnia Del Colore in the U.S., presented this past Sunday September 7th "One Stage, Two Master Colorists" Seminar & Show at the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel to a sold out audience of professional hair stylists & colorists.

The show featured Haircared's National Education Director Mags Kavanaugh and Compagnia Del Colore Worldwide Brand Ambassador Massimo Pradella from Italy.

Read more ...

Here's  a list of my classes:

Thanks for your interest of hosting a class.
Here are some of the requirements of the Host Salon:
The space or host salon needs to be able to accommodate up to 25 stylists which is the maximum for a class with a minimum of 10 stylists.
Cost Per Stylists is $375.00, with the stylist putting a down payment of a non-refundable $75 payment made to Mags Kavanaugh through PayPal.com to hold & guarantee their spot.

As a host you will get a complimentary spot for the class.
You will be responsible for transportation for me to & from the airport and a Hotel room if necessary (I try to fly in the day of the event and out at night of the event so normally it's not necessary for a room) 

Classes are usually on a Sunday or Monday, I fly in either the night before (so I'd need a hotel room for the night) or I fly in the day of and the class would start at 12 noon to 1pm unless I arrive the night before then I like to start at 10am.
Classes are 3 to 4 hours.
As the Host Salon it would be nice to have a light lunch or snacks & beverage ( water/soda) for the stylists.
Since my classes are Power Point presentations I would need a blank wall or screen to show the content and I bring my projector and everything needed for that.
 If we are doing a hands on class the stylists will need to bring  a mannequins, foiling comb, towel, clips, water bottle and anything else if we will have hands on depending on the class chosen.

I can do combination classes also, I little bit of this or that depending on your salon needs.

  Mags teaching in California

   Mags with Javier Rabago on the left, who is the USA distributor for Compagnia del Colore and owner of California Glam Products, on my other side is Christian James, who is a NAHA finalist and who has the Arizona Salon Professional page on Facebook!!!

For 10 years I worked for Haircared.com, the American distributor for Compagnia del Colore as their National Education Director.

I was the International Brand Ambassador for Compagnia del Colore in North America for 9 of those years.

Love the CDC line, it's a beautiful colorline that is shiny, keeps the hair healthy due to the very low ammonia content as less than 1%, it's only .54, has awesome new tones like Chocolate, they were the first company to invent Chocolate, Moka, Hazelnut and  I highly recommend you check their line out at: 


Our distributors:
California Glam - Available Direct Nationwide through www.Haircared.com with the exception of:
Los Angeles and Central California  available through our distributor www.dgcollective.com
City of Dallas and sorrounding counties available through our distributor www.elitesalonconsultants.com

Compagnia Del Colore- Available nationwide direct through www.Haircared.com with the exception of:
States of Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana and city of Detroit available through our distributor www.coolbeautyconsulting.com 
Los Angeles and Central California  available through our distributor www.dgcollective.com
City of Dallas and surrounding counties available through our distributor www.elitesalonconsultants.com/ .


 This was my award winning salon called California Beauty Studios Inc. on Clearwater Beach Florida.


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