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Mags, how can you tell if a conditioner is moisture-based or protien-based? Most products don’t specifically say on the bottle. Are there certain ingredients to look for.-HOS

ANSWER: Most conditioners will say, it will tell you moisturizing, or strengthening, which is the protein one.
If you go to a distributor store and start looking at most of the bottles they will tell you. I really can’t list all the names for all the ingredients, but you can pick up a Cosmetic Dictionary and do it yourself, but really the bottle will tell you.
Here’s an example, Redken has a line that says All Soft, that is a moisture based product that takes coarse wiry hair and soften it.
Biolage has a product called Fortifying Shampoo & Conditioner, anything that says strengthening, fortifying has protein.
Protein gives the hair strength and 80% of hair is a sulphur type of protein, damaged hair needs protein and a little moisture but it needs protein more. The coarser the hair the more moisture it needs, the finer the hair the more protein it needs.
Fine limp hair has too mush moisture & needs protein, so the Biolage Fortifying System would be great because it has CERAMIDES that strengthen the hair and it defrizzes, detangles all without the weight.
Think about Products when you use them on clients.
There are 3 types of hair, FINE, MEDIUM and COARSE.
Fine hair needs protein because it has too much moisture, medium hair has the perfect balance of moisture & proteins so it’s considered the best kind of hair and then you have Coarse hair that has too much protein not enough moisture.
This is what I would recommend for each group and then you need to remember that chemically treated hair is different too!

Here’s a list of Matrix/ Logics Products and who they are for.

FINE: Boilage Fortifying Systeme, Biolage Energizing Shampoo with the Detangling Solution, Amplify Volumizing System, Logics Carifying & Balancing Shampoos with the Leave-In Protector, Vavoom Styling Shampoo, Simply Clean Shampoo with the Simply Silk Detangling Rinse

MEDIUM: Biolage Normalizing Shampoo with the Detangling Solution, Biolage Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner, Amplify Volumizing System, Logics Balancing Shampoo with Colorsure Conditioner, Vavoom Styling Shampoo, Essential Color Therapy Shampoo & Revitalizing Conditioner

COARSE: All Biolage Products, Sleek.Look Smoothing System, Logics Remoisturizing Shampoo & Colorsure Conditioner, Essentials Nourishing Shampoo& Nutrient-Rich Conditioner

CHEMICALLY TREATED: Biolage Color Care Shampoo & Color Care Conditioner, All Logics Products, Essentials Color Therapy Shampoo & Revitalizing Conditioner, Biolage Fortifying Shampoo & Conditioner, Amplify Color XL Shampoo & Conditioner, Sleek.Look Smoothing System, Essentials Perm Fresh Shampoo & Moisture Supply Hydrator, All Essentials Products.

TREATMENTS: Biolage Hydro-Active Hair Masque, Sleek.Look Deep Moisture Masque, Essentials Perm Fresh Moisture Supply, Essential Body & Strength Reconstructor,
5+ Protopak Restructurizing Treament, Instacure Leave-In Treatment, Perm Fresh Leave-In Treatment, Biolage Fortifying Treatment

SPECIAL Products:Essentials Alternate Action Demineralizing Treatment, SoSilver Shampoo, Earth Tones Refreshing Conditioners, Instacure Leave-In Treatment.
Hope it helps to understand when you use each product. – MAGS

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