New For Blondes! Malibu C’s Blonde Kit

Never Again Settle for Borderline Beautiful Blonde

Do blondes really have more fun? With a little help from Malibu C and Blondes Natural Wellness
Treatment, the answer is emphatically “yes!” This luxurious treatment immediately brightens blondes’
sexy shade while simultaneously moisturizing and restoring hair’s health.



(And if your blonde is out of a bottle? Your secret’s safe with Malibu C — and so are those sunny, color-treated locks!)




As a blonde, you know that your hair is capable of being beachy beautiful—but it can also tiptoe along the borderline of looking less than its brilliant best. No more! With the Malibu C Blondes Wellness Kit—the first ever 100% vegan wellness system—you can ensure peak performance from your blonde hair, every day, all day. No other system can as effectively and naturally deliver shinier, brighterresults. 



The kit includes Blondes Wellness Shampoo & Conditioner, a perfectly matched set designed to remove and guard against the environmental “bad guys” that make your blonde look less than its best. Meanwhile, the Blondes Wellness Treatment prevents breakage from bleaching, protects the scalp from discomfort, and instantly brightens every blonde.



Rich with sulfate- and paraben-free ingredients (think antioxidant pro-Vitamin B, organic aloe and crystallized Vitamin C), the trio works together to totally revitalize blonde color and highlights, taking them from brassy and ashy to bold and beautiful. You better believe it: With Malibu C’s Blondes Wellness Kit, your blonde will never push the “blah” borderline again.

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