Mags’s Tool Box

queen helenes

 There a few things that need to be in your tool box at work. These are what you might need as a colorist to get the job done.
 1. Queen Helene’s Cholestrol, queen helenesthis is one of my favorite products, it can protect the mid shaft & ends of hair you don’t want color to get on, when rinsing, it can help protect hair when you want to darken the hair but keep a few highlights in, just foil with it, it will keep some blond in the hair.

2. Logics Gel Lightener + 20vol in equal parts. This is a wonderful slow  color remover for hair that grabbed too dark on the ends, you don’t want something that will bring out the underlying pigment, so this will allow you to get the product on where it’s needed and then watch it like a hawk, this will pull out the build up of color and keep the color tone. Logics makes the Light Reactions Lightener that you can add the Gel Lightener to, but it’s the Gel  Lightener you want in this case + 20vol. 

3. A Long Lasting Demi Permanent. This is a Demi that lasts at least 6 weeks or more and is considered more opaque rather than translucent. Many being made now can and do cover white hair very well and can be used with 20vol. These are good for corrective work and for refreshing, just remember since they have a heavier dye load, it might be neccessary to jump up in level from desired or your color might look dark.

4. Memco Tricho Comb, looks like a comb that got pregant! Has two rows of teeth and the teeth go from thin to fat as they work up to the spine of the comb. NEVER use one of those teasing brushes, they will break the hair as the rip thru knots, but a comb will stop you cold to let you know not to rip thru it, always comb from the bottom up, if you hit a tangle, pull it sideways then it will come out.

5. Poly 8- just THE BEST skin protector out there, use it all around the hairline and it will prevent the color from staining the skin, never mind if it gets into the hair it will still get colored, use it on eyebrows & beards too! It just works- and yes, you can order it from me!!!

6. Color Eraze Color Wipes, takes color off from around the hairline or eyebrows so well you wondered why you didn’t have them before. Large 5 x 6, you can clean around the hairline and more & yes, you can order them from me too


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