SEQ Mosaic Coppers

SEQ Mosaic Coppers: Look 1 Mosaic Flair

Embellish hair with an eclectic palette of new Shades EQ Mosaic Coppers. These 6 NEW shades are inspired by the layered textures, remixed colours and cultural prints seen in emerging downtown NYC fashion trends. Inlay gilded amber, crystalline copper and burnished bronze in modern mosaic patterns for a distinctive look.

Before: Natural level 5 with previous highlights on ends.

After: Brilliant coppery accent and striking pieces of gold are cleverly inlaid over a light brown base

Behind The Colour

Step by Step
Create a centre part from front hairline extending to the centre of the occipital bone. Take a curved parting extending from the temple and ending at the centre of the occipital bone, as shown. Isolate the top from the bottom. Combine the entire bottom from both sides into one ponytail.

Step by Step
Step 2:
Begin on the left side of the head. Start by taking a 1/2″ section parallel to the original sectioning. Begin with a slice in the centre of the section and using a traditional deep weaving technique, place hair in a slice, apply Highlight Formula 1.

Continue using the same technique, alternating Highlight Formulas 1, 2, and 3. Place the slices in a bricklay pattern. Work up through the top section. Stop just above the centre of the eye. Move to the opposite side of the head and repeat the same technique.

Return to the first side and continue up the section until in the previous manner you reach the centre part. Move to the opposite side and continue until the entire top is complete. Tip: Working from side to side helps maintain the colour balance of your final result. Develop until desired lightness is achieved. Rinse and shampoo with Redken Color Extend haircare range and dry the hair.

Step by Step
Step 3:
Begin by taking the original top and bottom sections. Isolate the bottom section, this will be section 1. Take the top section and split it into two equal sections that are parallel with the original parting that divides the top from the bottom, as shown. These will be sections 2 and 3. Begin in section 1. Using Glaze Formula 1, apply from roots to ends. Isolate each section in slices. Continue onto sections 2 with Glaze Formula 2 and section 3 with Glaze Formula 3. Isolate each section in slices. Develop for 20 minutes, rinse, shampoo and condition with Redken Color Extend haircare range

Step 1: Apply Full Frame 07 protective volumizing mousse to clean damp hair for airy fullness and comb through the hair evenly.

Step 2: Blow-dry the top section of the hair up and back away from the face to create lift in the top area. Blow-dry the sides and back down until you reach the mid shaft of the hair and then twist your brush in a spiral movement to create a textured look.

Step 3: Back comb the top section for lift and then brush it lightly back into a clip at the crown area.

Step 4: Lightly spray hair with Workforce 09 flexible volumizing spray to maintain shape and give hair a frizz-free shine.


Author: Mags Kavanaugh

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