SoColor Base tones

All tonal series have Neutral in them.
Ash and Ash Ash series is dark grey in the lower levels up to violet in the higher levels
Neutral is on the cool side- it have the 3 primary colors of RBY
Iridescent- is a mauve violet base
Beige- is a violet copper gold combo, has a warm/cool tonality
Gold- combo of Gold and Neutral
Warm- combo of red gold and Neutral
Copper Gold- has copper gold with Neutral
Red Brown- has slight red tones but brown dominates
Red – true red tone
Red Red- true red tones- vibrant
Red Violet- red violet with Neutral- red dominates
Violet Red – Violet red tones, violet dominates
500 series same tones as regular SoColor but with added Gold and Neutral
Ul series same tones as regular SoColor

NEUTRAL- preblended meaning equal parts of neutral which also is equal parts cool /warm pigment Natural real pigment count would be warm having more warm red/yellow- pheomelanins and less blues- eumelanin pigments 2/3ths warm 1/3rd cool and the Color Sync Neutral is 1/2warm and 1/2 cool and is considered cool, since cool always dominates.

ASH- preblended; would have neutral and blue/grey in various degrees, the darker levels have different levels of the Blue/ Grey the ratio, at a level 4/5 you have more blue than grey and more of that tone than neutral to counter the underlying pigment at that level which is red/red orange.
As you go up the levels, the blue/grey turns to grey, then to violet to soft violet in the higher level 8/9/10. Again in different ratios to compensate for the ULP.

GOLD- has a brown Base with the neutral warm/cool balance brown in the lower level up to pure gold at the lighter levels.

WARM NEUTRAL- has a brown Base with red & gold undertones, can be used to fill & Color at the same time- it is the perfect caramel Color.

COPPER GOLD- less Neutral Base -neutral and more red brown/blonde; red/brown/gold/copper pigments in various degress with strong copper/gold in the lower levels and light red copper blonde.

RED BROWN/BLONDE- less Neutral Base; gives a red brown in the lower levels with less neutral and red blonde in the lighter levels indifferent ratios.

RED COPPER- VERY little Neutral Base; very vibrant red copper at the lower levels and lighter levels it is more copper red.

RED VIOLET- VERY little Neutral Base; vibrant eggplant at the lower levels to pure violet blue pigment at the ligher levels.

The Blue and Red, Gold are direct dyes that are pure toned. – Mags

Author: Mags Kavanaugh

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