Logics Info-Custom Generators

For all you Logics users out there, here’s a list of how to create custom color generators:
How to create 35vol.:
1oz.40vol. + 1oz.30vol or 1 3/4oz. 40vol. +1/4oz.Ovol.
How to create 25vol.:
1oz.30vol.+1oz.20vol. or 1 1/2oz.30vol. +1/2oz.Ovol.
How to make 15vol.:
1oz.20vol.+ 1oz.10vol. or 11/2oz.20vol. + 1/2oz.Ovol.
How to create 7vol.:
3/4oz.20vol. + 1 1/4oz.Ovol.
How to create 5vol.:
1oz.10vol. + 1oz.Ovol. or 1/2oz.20vol. + 1 1/2oz.Ovol.
How to create 3vol.
1/4oz.20vol. +1 3/4oz.Ovol.

I use several of the Formulas when I’m 3 tone hilighting or if I’m going do corrective work, which is my speciality & luv!!!.

Author: Mags Kavanaugh

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