Logics Gel Lightener and SoColor Extra Blonding Creme

This was a question ablout Extra Blonding Creme and the UL series, how it’s NOT in the Socolor Handbook:
That is correct – it is NOT in the color manuel but on the sheet that comes with the formulation center [new one] that you are supposed to hang up in the despensary.
It’s under the ADDITIVES colume in the middle of the page in blue print.
It states: Do not use with the Ultra Light Blonde series.
It tells you how to use it first, then says not to use it with the UL series.

It used to be in the old Logics and then when they brought out the now old black unit, they said to add it in the 12 series and in the new brown Consultation Center it states that you can add it again:
Boosting Colorcremes lifting action:
We can also add Logics Gel Lightener to our Colorcremes Formulas to slightly increase the lifting ability of the formula.
Add 1/2oz. Logics Gel Lightener to 2 oz. Logics Colorcremes and 3oz. of Logics Color Generator.
Notice that you need to add 3oz. of Genenrator and when you do this, know that you are losing the deposit strength.
Now with all that said, we were always told not to add it to the 12 series for just that reason, the 12 series has special dyes that help to counter the contributing pigment and if you deplete those the contributing pigment will show threw more.
I do NOT put it in, to me if you need more lift, then 1/2oz. of Gel Lightener is NOT going to give it to you, it even state- SLIGHTLY INCREASE THE LIFTING ABILITY- that’s not enough to lift levels, just more of the pigment out.
So to answer your question , I would not add it to the 12 series for the same reason you don’t for the Socolor UL series, it takes away the toning ability of the color to cut the underlying or contributing pigment. – Mags

Author: Mags Kavanaugh

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