The Color Wheel

Optically, color is a reflection of light. When a beam of white light strikes a prism, it is separated into six different colors that can be seen with the naked eye. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet.
Those colors can be divided into 2 groups.
Primary Colors : Yellow, Red, Blue
Secondary Colors: Orange, Violet, Green….these 3 colors are made by combining 2 primary colors in equal amounts.
In addition to the 6 colors there are Tertiary Colors.

Tertiary Colors: Made by mixing primary colors with their neighboring secondary colors. An example of a tertiary color would be blue-violet or yellow-orange (gold).
Most   Hair Color is tertiary, however, it’s extremely important as a colorist to train your eye to identify the dominating primary or secondary color within the hair color. Once a colorist can identify the dominating color and fully understand the Law of Color, even the most severe corrective work becomes a system of logical steps.
To control or correct any color, simply add the complementary color. To control orange, add blue. To control yellow, add violet, and to control gold(yellow-orange), add blue-violet. These rules are called the Law of Color.

Primary Colors:
Red, Blue & Yellow – By mixing any 2 of the primary colors we create the secondary colors…..Orange, Violet & Green.
Blue is opposite Orange,
Yellow is opposite Violet,
 Blue-Violet is opposite Yellow-Orange &
 Red is opposite Green.

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