Proper Consultation

 Proper Consultation:

There are steps to getting the info that you need from your clients so you can understand what they want.
1. find the persons Natural level – NL.

Use the Neutral or Natural level swatches that come with the color to find the clients natural level. Hold up the crown hair, and let light filter thru, then hold the swatches up and find the one that is closest to the natural level.
2. then find the Desired level -DL.

This is where pictures help the client decide what color they want, so make a book of color pictures showing all the levels with cool, neutral and warm tonalities.
Levels are the lightness or darkness of a color- there are levels 1 thru 10,    1 being black and 10 being lightest blond.
3. Find the Desired Tone- DT

Then you need to understand what tone of color they want.
There are 3 types of tones – Cool, Neutral and Warm.
. If a client said “I want red” well that doesn’t really help because there are so many types of red- red-violet, red-orange, rouge red, strawberry red, so you see that a book of pictures of different colors would help you & your client to pick the correct red.
The other is to look at your clients skin tone & eye color. If someone has warm tones in their hair & skin then they will look better sticking to the warm tones vs cool tones.

4. figure out which product to use to get where the client wants. Permanent, demi permanent, lightener.
Somewhere in the color section a person asked me to describe the difference between all the different colors and when to use each one. It’s under the heading “DEMI, SEMI?” if you go there it will explain each one in detail- print that out and start making a book of color knowledge & facts it will really help. You need to see if your findings tell you you need to use a higher volume or maybe bleach, all this things will tell you what you need to get to to what the client wants. If the person has grey/white hair, then you need to stay within 2 levels of their natural level for the grey/white to look covered. If you find that the client want to be very light, with more than 4 levels away for the natural level then you’ll need to use either highlift color (that’s the lightest color you can use before you need to go to bleach) or if you need to move to bleach & toning.
5. after figuring what product you are going to use then you explain what you are going to do to the client so she knows all the steps of the process. Most color for grey hair processes for 45 mins. but if you put the color on a client and then walk away without telling your client how long it’s going to take she’ll think it will ruin her hair. Explain and then you can safely walk away.
Color really is not all that hard, it just a lot of rules that you must follow so you don’t mess up. So learn the rules before you break them!
Study the color manuel that came with the color at school and ask your teacher when you don’t understand something.
And remember we are here to help you too.

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