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SoColor & Logics:

1. Amplify Root Lifter, Liquid Gel, Foam Styler, Hairspray.
This is a system, meaning these products are made to work with each other to give you the most out of them.
I like to apply the Root Lifter ONLY to the roots and then apply the Gel & Foam together in my hands and they apply it to the mid shaft & ends, this gives the most lift- now your hair will feel different, pumped up and this should be able to take you thru a couple days of styling without having to redo it.
I like to take velcro rollers on the second day, put them into to my hair dry, put a shower cap over them and jump in the shower, then after I dry off, do the routine of getting ready, then I take off the shower cap and let my hair cool off- keeping the rollers in until I finish dressing, then take them out, turn my head upside down, flip up & I’m ready to go!!
2. Biolage Hydro-Foaming Styler & Hydro-Glaze- use this the same way as Amplify, or use the Glaze on the roots and the Foaming Styler on the mid shaft & ends.
3. Logics Bodifying Spray Gel- this is great for fine hair, pumps it up and has the most incredible shine
4. Vavoom Volumizing Foam- you want lift, this will give it to fine hair, use this on the mid shaft & ends with the Forming Gel at the scalp area.
5. TRIX- TexTrix, the best stuff for the roller set group, lifts, shines and holds up even after you brush it.
6. Sleek.look Iron Smoother- won’t weight the hair down- if you use a curling or flat iron, this is a must- EVERYONE SHOULD BUY THIS.
7. Logics Performance Spray. Soft hold that if you need to work and spray as you go, you can, won’t weight the hair down, then over this, once I get everything where I want it, I use the …
8. Essentials Performa Spray- HIGH SHINE!, you can use a curling iron with this hairspray and it won’t get sticky.
It’s the shinest hairspray. This holds, great for those little old ladies that say- "use more spray I want to hold it for 2 years"
You know the types!!!
9. BIGTRIX- it’s the mousse that those little old ladies would like too, but us fine haired folks need this the most, great mousse and you can break it up after it drys, but it retains the volume.
1.Vavoom Smoothing Gel, it softens and smooths the hair, forget about frizz, it takes care of it.
2. TRIX- Wet Trix, I fell in love with this product, it is a gel/styler that gives definition and smooths but makes the hair, look like it is so healthy, if you have damaged hair use this, but just a tad, really that’s all you need, pea size, I mean it and then hair feels like healthy hair again.
3. Sleek.look- the whole line is great, but I find you need just a little bit of the Styling Creme- small amounts do the trick!
4. The Iron Smooth is the coolest stuff, you think it’s going to be like the Water free Lock out but it’s not, it’s a heat protector that really protects the hair, this product is great for all hair types.
5.TRIX- GlowTrix- just a tad and those stubborn hairs just fall in line. And you get the shine, it’s soft not hard to the touch too.

CURLY-FRIZZIE-UNRULY HAIR:, if you want to define it and look like you have smooth curly hair, this product takes a little getting use to, it feels different, but the results are beautiful- no more struggle!
2.Biolage- Defining Elixer, everyone that reads the Message Board knows how I feel about this product, Janet Jackson told me about how great this worked on her natural frizzie hair, it controled it, defined without the stiffness- it drys stiff, but the second you touch it, it becomes soft, not sticky either. If you use this, use a defuser to blow it dry- DO NOT SCRUNCH- just flod the hair up into the defuser and don’t mess with it, when dry -PICK IN, NOT OUT, that’s the key!
3. Mix the Defining Elixer with the Logics Forming Foam for pumped up volume to fine curly hair.
4. Sleek.look- Take the Sealing Serum, add alittle bit of the Styling Creme Lite and you have controled the hair without weighting it down, great combo for fine curly wild hair
5. Trix SwitchTrix- little bit of this and men can control their hair without that styled look. Men love this.
6. Essentials Sculpting Glaze make the hair pliable, calms it down, has high shine.

Fine limp hair has too mush moisture & needs protein, so the Biolage Fortifying System would be great because it has CERAMIDES that strengthen the hair and it defrizzes, detangles all without the weight.
Think about products when you use them on clients.
There are 3 types off hair, FINE, MEDIUM and COARSE.
Fine hair needs protein because it has too much moisture, medium hair has the perfect balance off moisture & proteins so it’s considered the best kind of hair and then you have Coarse hair that has too much protein not enough moisture.
This is what I would recommend for each group and then you need to remember that chemically treated hair is different too!

FINE: Boilage Fortifying Systeme, Biolage Energizing Shampoo with the Detangling Solution, Amplify Volumizing System, Logics Carifying & Balancing Shampoos with the Leave-In Protector, Vavoom Styling Shampoo, Simply Clean Shampoo with the Simply Silk Detangling Rinse

MEDIUM: Biolage Normalizing Shampoo with the Detangling Solution, Biolage Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner, Amplify Volumizing System, Logics Balancing Shampoo with Colorsure Conditioner, Vavoom Styling Shampoo, Essential Color Therapy Shampoo & Revitalizing Conditioner

COARSE: All Biolage products, Sleek.Look Smoothing System, Logics Remoisturizing Shampoo & Colorsure Conditioner, Essentials Nourishing Shampoo& Nutrient-Rich Conditioner

CHEMICALLY TREATED: Biolage Color Care Shampoo & Color Care Conditioner, All Logics products Essentials Color Therapy Shampoo & Revitalizing Conditioner, Biolage Fortifying Shampoo & Conditioner, Amplify Color XL Shampoo & Conditioner, Sleek.Look Smoothing System, TREATMENTS: Biolage Hydro-Active Hair Masque, Sleek.Look Deep Moisture Masque, Essentials Perm Fresh Moisture Supply, Cera Repair
5+ Protopak Restructurizing Treament, Instacure Leave-In Treatment, Perm Fresh Leave-In Treatment, Biolage Fortifying Treatment

SPECIAL products:Essentials Alternate Action Demineralizing Treatment, SoSilver Shampoo, Earth Tones Refreshing Conditioners, Instacure Leave-In Treatment.
Hope it helps to understand when you use each product.

This was a question that I posted before, but since it relates to productsI stuck it here.
The CTFA thru the FDA makes a book called Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary which is very good. Osha makes their own too for each state, but the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association’s is better.
Drug store productsare 90% water and 10% product, proffessional salon products are 90% product and 10% water.
Going by labels alone can be tricky, consider this example, which could apply to many other kinds of ingredients. All of the following will be listed as "Lanolin" :
Wool wax, Cosmetic Lanolin, Lanolin, Anhydrous Pharmaceutical Lanolin but which is the best? Which tells you how a product performs.
Example 1-
Ingredient list ……….Formula A………………..Formula B
Hydrolyzed Protein……….30.0…………………………6.0
Cetyl Alcohol………………..3.0…………………………..2.0
Formula A has five times the amount of Hydrolyzed Protein, and yet the list ofingredients are identical but Formula B would be less expensive to produce.
If we consider the ingredient "Cocamide DEA" there are 120 entries representing as many as thirty suppliers. One supplier alone lists" Cocamide DEA" of fourteen different qualities and of cource fourteen different prices and compositions.
The example above demonstrates the variation cost & composition available to the cosmetic manufacturer. Such differences, while not reflected in the ingredient list, are reflected in the cost off a particular product. So drugstore products get the cheapest ingredients because they are so massed produced versus the salon products..
Ingredient lists do not indicate how a product performs and a consumer cannot look at an ingredient list ofchemicals and judge the quality ofthe product. Where as a stylist is in a position to enhance his or her image as a authority helping client understand the ingredients and that’s the way to win clients over to using professional salon products..
Education is the key to open the resale product door.
Here’s some think to look for to help you understand list ingredients:
1. "Natural" – means substances or ingredients found in nature- herbs, proteins, plants oils, vitamins or minerals.
2. "Naturally Derived"- means the ingredient is naturally based but has been modified chemically or physically to make it more effective. Extracts are made from herbs or protein are hydrolyzed (broken down) to create smaller pieces that penetrate the hair more easily.
3. "Organics"- is often confused with the term " natural", in actuality, organic means "contains the element of carbon" Natural ingredient, with the exception of water & minerals, also containthe element carbon, but so does a plastic bottle. Plastics are organic compounds.
4. "Synthetic" means "created in a laboratory". Synthetic ingredients may or may not have natural equivalents. Chemists can synthesize a vitamin that already existed in nature and on the other hand they can create a plastic that is unique, it has no natural equivalent.
5."Polymer"- means any molecule formed by the combination of smaller molecules to form a larger molecules.
ETHYLENE UNITS: -(CH2-CH2-)-(-CH2-CH2-)- (-CH2-CH2-)-
and when you add this molecule up you get Polyethylene which is a polymer formed by repeating ethlene units.
In all of our product literature we give out buzz words to help the stylist learn about and being able to talk about the features & beneifts of the products.That’s the part you really need to understand. What does it do and why or how does it do it.
Better ingredients equals better results in the hair.
Water is the enemy too, water is the universal solvent, so using a product that is mostly water is not helping the hair but a product that is 90% product versus 10% water is.

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