The Malibu Wellness line of products should be in every salon,  the water in the USA is either filled with chlorine in tap water or is well water  or hard water.
 All these types  of water hurt our industry and make our jobs as stylists-colorists, perm specialists harder to do.
 Understand how water affects our services in very important to know, and I want EVERYONE to visit the Malibu Wellness site at

 They so many products that help clean off hair like the Swimmers’ Wellness Solution

OR Chlorine Away 

OR has the color dulled and you don’t know why- IT’S THE WATER!!!!!     {MOSIMAGE}

Sp please click on the green Malibu Wellness ad, read all about water & how you can help your client, you won’t be disappointed!!!!

 Mags HIGHLY recommends this product and you can get it on!!!!

Author: Mags Kavanaugh

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