Gray Hair Cure Available in 10 Years, Says L’Oreal

According to L’Oreal, we could all be kissing our gray hairs adieu in a mere 10 years.

The beauty company is working on a breakthrough treatment geared towards ending gray hair for good. They expect it to consist of an oral element backed by a hair care range, and be available within 10 years, reported the Daily Mail.

Hair gets its hue from melanocytes, pigment cells that give color to both the skin and the hair.

“When hair goes gray, there is a progressive disappearance of the melanocytes from the hair. While there are still melanocytes in the hair, there is still hope that it could be re-pigmented,” Patricia Pineau, L’Oreal Research Communications Director told the paper.

“Hair is an enigma,” she added. “It’s a fiber, a material with physical properties. It is also a living organ that grows, grays and falls out. How can we fight this? Do we need a physical approach or a biological approach?”

An oral program supplemented with a hair care program would do both, targeting graying from both the inside and out.

A top focus of the beauty company’s since it was founded over 100 years ago, L’Oreal spends over £581 million pounds last year on research — about twice as much as its competitors.

Posted Oct 26th 2009 at 1:45PM by Laura Kenney

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