10 Ways to Incentivise Your Team and Keep Salon Staff Happy

10 Ways to Incentivise Your Team and Keep Salon Staff Happy

by akesha

Keep salon staff happy

Karen Thomson, owner and director of Kam Hair and Body Spa in Lossiemouth, Scotland offers 10 tips to incentivise your team members and keep your salon staff happy.

1. Incentives and rewards are fantastic ways to motivate team members and reward them for their hard work in the salon. If a member of the team has exceeded their targets, reward them, whether this is with a free treatment, a gift or even a cash bonus to show them you are praising them.

2. Participation is key. If team members are involved in the decision-making process they will feel as though their input is worthy to the business and in turn will be more motivated to be involved with the business thereafter.

3. Training is extremely important for your team as it allows them to learn additional skills and grow, keeping them passionate and motivated in their career. Training is also a great team-building exercise. Your team can share their skills and knowledge and can work on developing their relationships.

4. Team meetings – a great way to encourage staff. If you have a team huddle at the start of each day, team members can speak about any difficulties they are having or any useful information they have that they want to share.


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5. Feedback is another great way to make your staff feel encouraged and valued. You will notice a great effect on the team’s morale if you regularly thank them for a good day or a good week. Praise them; after all they are helping make your business a success.

6. Give the team opportunities. Let your team in on any upcoming events such as photographic shoots or exhibitions that are coming up, as these opportunities allow members of the team to get out the salon and try something different that may be challenging for them. For members of the team who do not regularly assist at photo-shoots or event, this could be a great reward for them and a great experience builder.

7. Flexibility is another great way of keeping your staff encouraged. For example, some members of the team may have children and will not be able to work standard working hours, so considering this and implementing flexible working hours for these members of staff can be beneficial to all involved. It’s all about compromise.

8. Benefit packages are effective in encouraging, motivating and retaining members of the team. There are ranges of benefits you can offer, from paid-time off charity work to complimentary refreshments while at work.

9. Holding one-to-one reviews with each member of your team is another great way to keep them encouraged; appraisals or annual reviews every 12 months along with quarterly or even monthly meetings if required, can entice the team to remain in the company. I have an open-door policy, in which my team can come to me at any time.

10. Set targets for your team and allow them to be in competition with their peers to reach these targets. This will effectively strengthen teamwork and will engage staff and motivate them to succeed.

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