5 Ways to Turn a Client Complaint into a Positive

5 Ways to Turn a Client Complaint into a Positive

by bathamm / last updated November 9, 2020

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For Stress Busting Week, we revisit our chat with Karen Brown, owner of Hair by JFK, Edinburgh, on turning a client complaint from a source of stress into a learning opportunity.

To be a successful hair salon you have to stay on top of your customer service skills. No matter how great your salon is you are bound to encounter a complaint and an angry client at some point of your career. Here are my top five ways to turn that frown upside down and change a bad experience into a positive:

 1. Respond quickly

If a complaint has been made over social media, for instance a bad Facebook review, make sure you react quickly.  This way you can be proactive and make your client aware that you are dealing with their complaint and it has been acknowledged.

2. Listen

To address the client’s problem you’ll need to know exactly what the issue is. As with all other endeavours, listening is a key skill. This will give you some insight into the reason for the customer’s distress.

3. Clarify the problem

Be sure to show some empathy – explain that you will do your very best to try to sort things out, then clarify your understanding of their problem. Ask questions and qualify comments, this will calm your client and ensure your suggested solution will address all aspects of the perceived problem, offer them a complimentary service or discount. Try to step into your customer’s shoes. Look at your salon, your products, their problem and your actions from their perspective, and then decide whether or not their complaint is justified.

4. Dealing with the issue

When you fully understand the complaint, decide whether or not your salon is at fault. Don’t automatically accept blame before you know that it’s warranted. If it is clearly your fault, then admit it early in the process. Accept responsibility and don’t try to pass the buck.

5. Solving the problem

Think about how best to solve the client’s problem. Stress your concern that the problem will be resolved, and project a calm confidence that you are the person to do it. When you have suggested a solution, agree with the customer the steps you’ll take and how long it will take to resolve the issue. Assure them that you’ll take personal responsibility for seeing the resolution through – and do it. Nothing is more important than resolving customer complaints, so attend to them with the utmost urgency.

6. Customer service training

Ensure your staff are fully trained on who to deal with any client complaints. Let your customers know that it is your policy to resolve any difficulties they might encounter. Give you client the confidence that their complaint won’t happen again and they will receive good support. When a customer identifies a problem, take a look at changing anything in your salon to minimise the chance of the problem occurring again. Customers who take the time to complain are generally telling you that they want to continue doing business with you, but with some changes. Put a high priority on resolving their difficulties.

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