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AskMags.com uses the services of OpenAds (http://www.openads.org/). OpenAds is a complete ad server, and it shows! It is used on a large number of websites around the world. An open-source service, it offers an integrated banner management interface and tracking system for gathering statistics. This means our Advertisers can have deluxe advertising services, such as rotated banners, statistics, and e-mail reports.

Determine How Often Your Ad is Shown

  • We distribute banner impressions evenly over each hour of the day and evenly over multiple days.
  • We can also give an ad a type of priority setting, so that it will run without any limitiations.
  • You can run your ad for
    • A set Period of Time (Monthly or Yearly)

– OR –

    • A maximum number of impressions or clicks,
    • Or a combination of both.

Extensive Statistics

Advertisers are able to log in into the user interface and view statistics about how their banners are performing. Apart from a simple overview, they can view monthly, weekly, daily and hourly statistics. Advertisers can also export reports in CSV format for use in Microsoft Excel.

  • Extensive real-time statistics for advertisers.
  • View daily, weekly, monthly and overall statistics broken down by campaigns, specific ads, and also a total for your business.
  • You can log in and view your statistics or export them as CSV for use in other applications.
  • You will receive statistic reports via e-mail on a monthly basis.


Future Enhancements

Targeting and Capping

Thanks to an advanced targeting system OpenAds can deliver different banners based on many different parameters, such as keyword, IP address, domain, weekday, hour of the day, language, browser or operating system. It is even possible to combine these parameters and use logical operators to create very specific situations in which banners are delivered. In addition to this it is also possible to limit the delivery of banners based on how often a banner is already shown to a specific visitor and how long since the visitor last saw the banner. For more information about User Targeting click here…

Target to Different Factors

  • Target campaigns by weekday, hour of the day, keywords, browser, operating system, domain name and IP addresses.
  • Create very specific targeting rules by combining different targets with logical operators.
  • Support for targeting by country or continent, by using the optional MaxMind GeoIP or IP2Country database, which can be bought seperately.

Banners, Buttons and Much More…

AskMags.com will be adding different types of ads in various sizes. Thanks to our ad server’s flexible delivery engine it can handle regular banners and buttons, pop-ups, text ads, DHTML banners, Flash banners, and even video ads. OpenAds is the only ad server that can handle tracking of Flash banners which aren’t specially prepared.

If you would like to be contacted regarding advertising opportunities, please contact us. You will be contacted within 2 business days.


Author: AJarrett

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