Mags Kavanaughs’ Bio

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Having answered over 100,000 questions, Mags Kavanaugh’s Mentoring Cosmetology website ASKMAGS.COM has skyrocketed into the stratosphere with Cosmetologists.
Mags brings 30 + years of expertise in all aspects of the industry
from Film, T.V., Stage, to the Oscars & Emmys.

She’s the former Education Director for, the distributor of Compagnia Del Colore, Italy’s premiere colorline.
 She’s was the International Brand Ambassador for Compagnia Del Colore.

She was a National Educator and Master Artistic Educator, and was on the Vivienne Mackinder’s Via Design Team for Matrix / Logics,

as well as one of the few “Ask the Expert” for Matrix and Logics since 1986.
As a Trichologist, Mags has emerged as one of the nationally recognized experts in the industry of hair care, taking care of some of the most famous hair in the world, her celebrity clientele.
Trained by the best in the business:
Vidal Sassoon- percision cutting
Louis Licari-  hair coloring & foiling techniques
Vivienne Mackinder- architecture of design, razoring, dresswork
Mary Quant-color analysis, make-up for all occasions  
Paul Mitchell- advanced cutting
Alan Benfield Bush- convex cutting
 Dwight Miller- percision cutting
Marvin Westmore- para medical make-up 

Tip from Mags:

Please check out our Education section, you’ll learn all sorts of great educational tips, like corrective color, foiling patterns, how to foil, covering gray hair, haircut diagrams, face shapes & how to color according to them, Perm designs by Brian Winslow and you’ll get to see the inside of the hair & it’s problems with pictures from the Trichoscope.
Check out our business articles, how do you really hire the best stylists? 

So come on in to & stay for a while, you just might learn something!!!!

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