Microscope Hair- Damaged Hair

The TrichoScope Digital Microscope magnifies hair thousands of times to reveal specific conditions that may result from improper cosmetology procedures. The pictures below illustrate how common mistakes affect the hair shaft and follicles.

Rubber band damage
02-Ripped Ripped hair with exposed cortex
boiled hair Melted cortex – too hot curling iron
04-Splitends Split ends – HAIR must  get cut within 4 to 6 weeks for fine hair and 6 to 8 weeks for coarse or the splits ends will start.
05-Blowdry Blister from  too hot blow dry- ONLY USE MEDIUM HEAT
06-Fracture Fracture mechanical damage- pins, combs etc.
17-Chemical Chemical damage- if it’s this bad, don’t do anything but treatments with Proteins
18-Structural Structural damage
19-Mech Mechanical damage
20-Heat Heat damage- never use high heat, use medium and take care not to use curling or flat iron for too long, hair needs little time to get curly or straight, use a heat protector spray product too!
21-Cuticle} This is a cross section of the hair, you can see the outer edges of the cuticle, there are 7 to 12 layers of cuticle and then the Cortex starts with the dark spots that are the pigment granules.
abraded Mechanical & chemical damage  hair from rough brushing or combing
10-Melanosome this is a picture of a melanocyte it’s where color lives in the hair.-L’Oreal
new hair New hair as it comes out of the scalp, you can see the cuticle layers holding in the Cortex bundles.- L’Oreal
07-Hairbulb hair bulb, this is the part that lives under the scalp, it’s alive. See the dark part, those area combination of cells and pigment getting ready to grow upward, as it gets past our scalp the hair is then dead and that’s why wqe don’t feel any pain when we amputate our hair also knowed as a haircut!!!

(Photo Credits – L’Oreal; Gillette Company Research Institute, Redken Laboratories, Colgate- Palmolive Company)

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