For Truly Hot Ethnic Hair, it’s Got to be Tourmaline

 All women deserve the beauty boost of a perfect blowout, but African American hair requires special care. What black women need to know about their blow dryers is that—due to their hair’s flatter, more-easily damaged cuticles—most cause even moreill-effects than one might expect, ranging from problems like easy breakage to overall dryness and dullness. Most blow dryers, that is, but not all. IZUNAMI’s G6 Hairdryer has what it takes to give gorgeous African American hair the hottest care! Utilizing the strength of crushed natural crystals called tourmaline, the dryer creates the strongest negative ionic bonds which seal the cuticle against heat, wear, and tear while naturally locking in healthy moisture. And with a professional AC motor producing 1875 watts of power, three customizable temperature options, two speed settings and a host of other user-friendly features, women of every ethnicity can get the hottest—yet healthiest—hair they’ve ever had!



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