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Default Thank you Mags!!!

This is my first post on your forum. I have read here for quite a while and I just wanted to share my journey with all of you and tell you how much I appreciate all of your knowledge and what part all of you have had in my career.

I am a small town girl in West Tennessee. I have been licensed for 2 years. I was 28 when I started cosmo school. My PASSION has always been in Color. On the first day, I was asked where do you I yourself in 5 years. I told her, “I dream in COLOR! And, I hope it will take me over the rainbow.”

When I was in school, I knew I was in trouble when I asked questions about color and my instructors had no answers for me. So, I began my search on the internet. I began my search on other forums where I found Mags. Then, followed her here. By the end of school, my senior instructor asked to to teach a mini class on what I had learned. She said that she had been teaching for 15 years and had never had a student understand color the way I did.

I have been booth rent for 2 years and continuing my education by any means possible with an excellent base from what I have learned from you. I have done very well. I know I am still a baby and still have alot to learn, as we all do.

Well, long story short…..
I have recently taken the plunge and applied for an assistant position at a very reputable, top 10 salon in Nashville, which is about 2 hours from my home. They called me back the same day I applied and asked me to come in the next day for an interview. I grabbed my portfolio and drove up. I was so nervous I thought I was getting the stomach virus. As soon as I walked in, I put on my game face and my nerves were calmed. They were very nice and knew who I was when I walked in.

I was interviewed by the business manager and one of the owners. And was told I would hear from them in a couple of days after they had time to have a meeting. They called me back and wanted a second interview. This time it was a one on one with the BIG GUY! After the interview, I was invited to stay for the staff meeting. Then, he asked me to come in next Wednesday for a working interview. They will have clients lined up for me to perform services on. This interview will determine how much I will charge for services and determine my commission scale….I am sweating bullets just thinking about it.

Anyway…He offered my a stylist position!!!!!!!!!!! I am so flattered! But, I still have to go through the working interview next week.

Thank you Mags and all of you for your knowledge and inspiration. I value and respect all of opinions. Do you have any tips for Wednesday?

Thanks again!!!!!!!

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I went in last Wednesday for my “working interview”. It was so exhausting. I was watched very closely by every stylist and the owners.

I did a cut, color, blowout, and style. My model was actually one of the stylists. I was told to do anything I wanted!!!!

Her hair was trashed. They had been using permenant hair hair color from roots to ends on her.

I did a level 5 RB base with some 6rr and some 7 CG and Blonde Highlights in a sliced bricklay pattern. Sounds strange, but it worked. For the cut, I did an inverted, A-line bob with a swoop side bang. It turned out great. One of the owners was standing there watching me the whole time.

When I was about done, and 8 bowls of color later, my model looked at the owner and said, “Feel of my hair. It has never looked this good!” The owner said, “That’s what happens when a real hairstylist does your hair.” I bout fell out!!!!! Are you kidding me?!!! The other owner told me, “Your color was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And the cut was gorgeous. I might take some color lessons from you.”

SHUT UP!!! Are you kidding me!!!

I had no idea that it would go as well as it did. I am still in shock.

Well, at the end of the day, they called me into the conference room to give the rundown of the day. They want me to work in their new salon in an upscale area. And my prices…. I bout fainted. They are MORE than triple from what I am used to.

I start to work Wednesday. They will have a photographer there to take my head shots for the ad for the new salon.

AGAIN…I want to thank all of you here. And especially MAGS! Thank you for your wealth of knowledge. And thank you sooooo much for sharing. So many stylist will NOT give away their “secrets”.

Thank you!!!

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