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Mags Kavanaugh,
Former International Brand Ambassador for Compagnia del Colore and  National Education Director for
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Mags brings 30+ years of expertise in all aspects of the industry from Film, T.V., Stage, to the Oscars & Emmys. She was a National Educator and Master Artistic Educator, as well as one of the few “Ask the Expert” for Loreal’s Matrix and Logics since 1986.

As a Trichologist, Mags has emerged as one of the nationally recognized experts in the industry of hair care. Trained by the best in the business: Vidal Sassoon, Louis Licari, Vivienne Mackinder, Mary Quant, Paul Mitchell, Alan Benfield Bush, Dwight Miller and Marvin Westmore, she is now the one ready to help stylists reach their goals.

Mags always knew stylists needed help and always envisioned a virtual place where everyone could learn from each others’ question & answers. Mags decided to fill in that gap by creating her own Educational Cosmetology Website, a place stylists could come to learn how to do things correctly and have fun learning and talking to each other. Technical Toll Free Hotline: 1-866-634-6212
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