How Got Started

How Got Started

Mags Kavanaugh, was born in Baltimore Maryland and starting acting at age 5, at the Rolling Parks Womens Club and she got hooked on acting!!! She turned pro at age 13yr. and has acted all over the USA.
Since then she has been on stage either acting, directing, or teaching for a color company, she is definitely in her element on stage.

Having moved to Los Angeles in the early 70’s Mags started working on TV and movies working as an actor and as a stuntwoman for all the shorter actresses in LA..
She was dating the VP of Vidal Sassoon when she got the privilege to meet and eventually work for Vidal Sassoon in his teaching studio, having classes with Dwight Miller, Vivienne Mackinder, Trevor Sorber, James Morrison, Alan Benfield Bush and many more wonderful stylists who at that time, were stars already!
She studied hard & learned from Sassoon himself and eventually went to work for Clairol and then Logics when it was developed, then Matrix bought Logics and then L’Oreal bought everyone!.  Mags has worked  30 years of being in the Corporate Club as they say.

Mags worked in Bevery Hills and got to be known for being a gentle caring stylist as she had Trichology  & Cosmetic Classes  at USC & learned to treat the hair like a silk blouse and went on to become a Trichologist. At UCLA,she got her degree in Chemistry , mostly working in Cosmetic Chemistry and product development.
She did her internship at the Redken Laboratories in California, working with Dr. Lee Hunter, Roy Peters and Dr. Said

 But it was her love of Logics  that brought her all over the USA teaching in more than 1000 salons. She was chosen for the Matrix on  Vivienne MacKinder’s Via Design  Cutting & Coloring Design Team and did hair shows all over the USA.

All the while Mags was acting, directing in the Theatre and of all things, doing stunts for Sissy Spacek, Carrie Fisher, Natalie Wood, Jessica Tandy, Rosanna Arquette, Cheryl Ladd, Joan Collins, Terry Nunn, Bonnie Bedelia, Adrienne Barbeau, and Teri Garr.
Mags had done a movie called Honky Tonk Freeway in 1980 in Florida and fell in love with the place, her parents retired there, so after thinking about moving down to help Mom & Dad she moved there.

Mags went on to open California Beauty Studios, Inc,. which quickly began to be one of the top salons in the area and eventually won the Best Salon Award from Tampa Bay Magazine. 
The Institute of Trichology gave her the “Top 100 Salons in the USA Award”.

Mags had been teaching now since the 70’s and felt that there needed to be a place for stylists to come to get correct information to be able to further their education.

In her role as “The Expert” for Matrix & Logics’s, she wanted to have more of a message board where everyone could learn from each others’ question & answers. Matrix was going to give her her own Ask board, but L’Oreal then bought Matrix and they didn’t think the message board was a big idea.
But Mags knew it was a very big deal, stylists needed help so Mags decided to start her own Educational Cosmetology Website, a place stylists could come to learn how to do things correctly and have fun learning and talking to each other and Mags filled in that gap by creating
That’s how got started.

The Site is Growing Fast. is currently getting over 5 million hits and nearly 4000 unique visitors each month. And we are growing.

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